The best way to reach us is by email at info (at) (insert @ instead of at) . There is also a little contact button on the top of the site.  We will return your email query promptly – usually within the same day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do I know if I can play a Disc I’m interested in?

If you are in North America, your player will most likely only play NTSC Region 1/Region 0 DVDs or Region A / All Region Blu-Rays. Players that will play and convert any disc from around the world are easily found at

Be sure you can play the discs you purchase from us before you order them!

REGION 1: USA and Canada (NTSC)
REGION 2: Europe (PAL), Japan (NTSC), South Africa, Middle East
REGION 3: South-East Asia (primarily NTSC)
REGION 4: Central and South America (NTSC), Australia (PAL), New Zealand (PAL)
REGION 5: Former Soviet Union, India, Pakistan, Africa (primarily NTSC)
REGION 6: China (primarily NTSC)

Region A: North America, Central America, South America, Japan, Taiwan, North Korea, South Korea, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.
Region B: Europe, Greenland, French territories, Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.
Region C: India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Mainland China, Pakistan, Russia, Central and South Asia.

Please note that even when import Blu-Rays are all region, not all special features will play on all players.

2. When can I expect my order to arrive?

We do our best to ship most orders ASAP but do keep in mind we are small company and sometimes we get backlogged so please be patient if your order doesn’t ship right away. When a title is out of stock, there may be a slight delay especially if it is coming from overseas. Please keep in mind though that we receive discs from all over the world, so sometimes out of stock discs take a little while to come back in stock).

3. Do you take money orders?

Yes! All you need to do is place an order through the site using the mail order option and then mail a money order to us made out to ‘Jesse Nelson’ We’ll get your order out to you as soon as we receive your letter . Mail the money order to:

Jesse Nelson
PO BOX 313
Mickleton NJ 08056


4. I live outside of North America and my discs haven’t arrived yet. When should I expect them/what’s taking so long?

Follow the lead of Ian MacKaye: ‘I am a patient boy, I wait, I wait, I wait’. In the years since we’ve been in business, only a few packages have ever been lost in the mail. Still, delays sometime occur when it comes to shipping overseas. Don’t fret! It’s always fine to check in to see when exactly your package was shipped, but your best bet is to wait just a little longer. Once a package leaves our hands and is en route to you, there is nothing we can do to speed it along to you.

5. I just got a disc and when I try to play it in my player it won’t play. What’s the scoop?

Make sure your player can play the disc you are trying to play and that you’re not playing a region-coded disc in a player from another region or trying to play a PAL disc in an NTSC-only player (or vice versa). See #1 for more info.  If you truly have a defective disc, please refer to our store policies for return info.

6. I got a disc from you and it wasn’t shrinkwrapped. Is this disc used?

No! We don’t sell used or bootleg discs and we are not watching your discs before we send them out to you. Rather, not every country in the world shrinkwraps their discs. As well, we sometimes have to open discs to make sure they’ve arrived to us undamaged so you get a pristine disc or we have to swap out a damaged case.  We don’t immediately return a disc because it arrives to us off the reel or with a broken case. .

7. I see a disc on another site that I want but I know Diabolik DVD is the best and I’d rather give you guys my hard-earned money rather than either some huge corporation that doesn’t care about me. Can you get this disc for me?

If the disc you want is a legitimate release (that is, not some crummy bootleg or bogus DVD-R release from a fake label), then we can almost definitely procure it. Ask us first and we’ll see what we can do for you. Remember, we are fans and collectors. We not only want to bring you the best and rarest discs at the most reasonable prices, but we want these titles for ourselves and our other customers, too. Clue us in if you’re aware of an interesting title that we don’t carry. Often the disc is on the way to us and will turn up very shortly after it appears on another site, but in the instances that we are not aware of something that’s out there, your detective work is much appreciated.

8. Why buy from you guys and not a big corporate store that might charge a buck or two less?

Because we care about you and and we are active members of the film community. We are a small business. While we may not have the buying power of a big chain or internet mega-store, we kill them for selection and service and we are people who bust our asses to do our best for you. When you support independent businesses you do yourself a service by keeping variety and selection thriving and keeping people like you employed!

9.  How do you ship?

We ship mainly via USPS to all destinations

Charges are based on your location. The shopping cart will calculate the shipping amount passed on the destination.

10. How do I contact you?

The best way to reach us is by email at info (at) (insert @ instead of at) . There is also a little contact button on the top of the site.  We will return your email query promptly – usually within the same day.

11.  Do you have a catalog?

We do not have a print catalog. Everything we have is listed on the site, but since our inventory changes frequently and our prices sometimes fluctuate due to conversion costs, it is impossible for us to print an accurate catalog

12.  How do I order by mail?

Easy see Number 3 above. Cash or Money Orders only though – No Checks.

13.  I ordered 2 Days Ago, why hasn’t my order shipped yet ?

Diabolik is run by two people and while we do our best to get your order out to you ASAP, it does sometimes take a few days or more to get an order assembled, labelled and picked up, especially when there are big name new releases involved – which almost always cause a bottleneck.  Shipping orders is only part of what goes on behind the scenes at Diabolik. We are also ordering and bringing in titles everyday and always answering your emails promptly !  If it has been a few days and you are worried about order, please feel free to check, but make sure to at least include your name and order number.

 14.  Can I order both In Stock and Out of Stock Items in the same order ?
While you can, the cart will only calculate 1 shipment and 1 order for you, so everything will ship together at the same time.  If you would like have your items broken into separate shipments, we must ask that you please place multiple orders.

15.  Do you charge now or when the items ship?
At one time we did charge when the items shipped, but with the updated shopping cart in 2017, we were no longer able to process orders this way and everything is now charged at the time of checkout

16.  Why are your shipping rates to other countries so high? 

Our shopping cart directly connects to the United States Post Office and automatically loads the cost of postage based on the weight of your package. There is no cheaper option for shipping than the post office but their rates are high. We have no control or influence on these rates, we simply pass them along to you. In all cases these prices don’t include the cost of packaging materials. Here is a typical example of a 9oz package (2 regular blu-rays packed in a box) shipping to the UK



The best way to reach us is by email  info (at)


All sales are final EXCEPT for defective discs (please see below).

Defective discs can be exchanged for the same title only.  We will not take back titles that will not play in your player due to PAL or regional coding.

Furthermore, we are aware that many of these ‘modified’ and ‘region free’ players are very temperamental. When possible, please try the disc in another player before contacting us for a return.

Shipping costs are non-refundable.

If for any reason, a refund/return is absolutely necessary, a 15% restocking fee will apply (For Example – If you order a $100 disc, you will be charged $15 restocking fee if you return it).  All refunds for any reason are in store credit only

Returns must be sent back within 15 days.  Please do not send back a disc without notifying us first or it will be returned to you.

If you are sending back a defective disc DO NOT CLEAN IT OR USE A DISC ‘FIXER’   IF YOU DESTROY THE DISC USING ONE OF THESE, THE DISC IS YOURS – DEFECTIVE OR NOT. We have to return these discs to our distributors and the use of these devices or a coarse cleaning cloth, such as a paper towel, prohibits us from sending them back.

Disc Condition

Diabolik DVD is not responsible for the contents of the discs it sells.  While we will certainly replace defective discs (see above), we will not be held accountable for how the video labels we sell choose to release the discs. We only sell these discs, we do not press or release them. Thus, we re not responsible for substandard transfers, unremovable subtitles, films missing footage or, in the case of some Japanese DVDs, fogged genitalia nor our we responsible for poor packaging. We present as much information about each disc as we have available. Outside of that, it is up to the prospective consumer to utilize the many and varied on-line sites and forums to determine all the relevant facts regarding any discs they are curious about.

Please note that not every disc we ship out will be shrinkwrapped. European and some small U.S. labels often do not shrinkwrap their discs. As well, some discs we receive in by mail are loose within their cases and must be opened, inspected for scratches and re-set upon the spindle. Thus, if you receive an unwrapped disc do not assume it is used or that we have been watching your film before posting it to you. This is never the case.


By purchasing any disc from this website…

You are authorizing Diabolik DVD to charge your credit card for the full amount of your order. Any dispute of such charges will be considered fraud.

You are verifying that you are at least 18 years of age and allowed, by law, to accept such discs in your area.

All Limited Edition items are strictly ONE PER CUSTOMER unless otherwise arranged.

Purchase Polices/Shipping

At our discretion, we may cancel any suspicious order or ship to the cardholder’s valid billing address in cases when the order is to be shipped to a 3rd party.

For Preorders, All details including release date are subject to change. We normally do not accept cancellations of preorders.  All cancellations for any reason are refundable in store credit only

Often, because of currency changes and studio changes, prices are subject to change. We are unable to adjust the price on previously purchased discs should there be a price decrease after the sale.

Coupons cannot be used for prior or pending orders

Coupons are good for Instock Items only – preorder and out of stock items will be deleted from the order which may void the coupon

All coupons are subject to rules set forth by diabolikdvd at their sole discretion and can be changed and revoked at anytime with no prior notice

All customs charges/taxes are the solely the responsibility of the purchaser.  Diabolik will never reimburse such charges.

Any discs confiscated by customs (for international customers) will be solely the responsibility of the purchaser.  Diabolik will never refund money due to these circumstances.

Diabolik is not responsible for packages lost or damaged in the mail.

Packages shipping to NJ AND PA must include sales tax

We accept payment by Visa, Mastercard and Paypal directly through our checkout. If you prefer to use AMX or Discover, you can do so through the Paypal checkout only.

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