Young Gods DVD (NTSC Region 1)


A group of wealthy students form a club with only one rule – they must videotape and show their sexual exploits to each other. Soon their game turns into obsession and deception.

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Taavi is a wealthy and artistic young man who goes nowhere without his camcorder. On his 18th birthday, he inherits his deceased parents’ mansion, and immediately throws a wild party. Of course, he tapes the entire drunken spree. The next morning, Taavi shows the film to his best friends. They are inspired to form a club, with one simple agenda: At each meeting, members must bring a videotape of his latest sexual adventure. The tape can be shot openly or covertly, with a partner or a stranger.

What starts as a simple game quickly degenerates into dangerous compulsions, as their girlfriends’ refuse to be taped, and the boys turn to prostitutes and swingers to find new material. Soon, fun and games turn to the darker currents of coercion and abuse, and the young men are forced to confront their own mortality in the viewfinder.

  • NTSC Region 1

  • Anamorphic Widescreen

  • DD 5.1 Audio

  • English Subtitles

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