Yo Yo Girl Cop / X-Cross (Kenta Fukasaku Double Feature) (NTSC Region 1)


Double Feature of Japanese films from director Kenta Fukasaku (son of Battle Royale director Kinji).

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YO YO GIRL COP is the English language release title for SUKEBAN DEKA: CODENAME ASAMIYA SAKI, a 2006 Japanese movie based on the original “Sukeban Deka” series detailing the exploits of female special agents operating undercover in high school.

X-Cross  – Friends drive out to a remote hot spring to soothe their broken hearts after a break-up. Little do they know, they’ve stumbled upon a cult of backwater maniacs. Split up from each other, they keep in touch via cell phone with the action constantly rewinding to show us what’s happening from multiple points of view.

  • Import DVD

  • NTSC All Region

  • Double Feature

  • Japanese with English Subtitles

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