When Worlds Collide (Standard Edition Imprint) (Blu-Ray All Region)


An impending collision with a runaway star signals the destruction of earth.


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When scientists discover a distant planet is on a catastrophic collision course with Earth, the government refuses to believe the evidence. It’s now up to private citizens to finance and build a spaceship to carry a limited number of people and animals to another planet to begin a new civilization. Massive tidal waves, earthquakes, the impending destruction of our world and deciding who gets to live or die brings out the best and the worst in people.

This human emotional drama produced by George Pal, combined with Academy Award-winning special effects, make When Worlds Collide one of science-fictions pioneering classics.

Special Features and Technical Specs:

• 1080p presentation of the film on Blu-ray
• Exclusive audio commentary by film critics Barry Forshaw & Kim Newman
• 90 minutes of extended interviews with Gene Roddenberry, Ray Bradbury, Ray Harryhausen, Roy Edward Disney, Wah Chang, Russ Tamblyn & Duke Goldstone
• LPCM 2.0 Mono
• Optional English subtitles
• Theatrical Trailer
• Photo Gallery

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