Voodoo Island / Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake (NTSC Region 1)


MGM Double Featuring with Voodoo Island and Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake

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Voodoo Island – Master of the macabre Boris Karloff delivers a rare non-monster performance as the leader of an investigation of mysterious disappearances on a South Pacific island that is the proposed site of an exclusive resort. But after a few encounters with carnivorous plants and zombies, he realizes that this might not be the ideal place for a vacation…and that his team will be lucky to make it off the island alive!

The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake – The sins of the fathers rest heavily on the heads of the sons – literally – in this fun-filled frightfest that’ll keep you “awake and screaming through many a traumatic night” (Variety)! Faced with an age-old family curse that beheaded their forefathers, two brothers attempt to unravel the family plot…even as sinister forces attempt to put them into it!

  • NTSC Region 1
  • Double Feature DVD


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