Traveling Companion (NTSC Region 1)


International sensation
Asia Argento stars a unstable teen who is hired by a wealthy woman to watch her forgetful father throughout Rome and beyond.

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International sensation
Asia Argento and legendary
actor Michel Piccoli star in
this fascinating tale of encounter and self-discovery,
directed by acclaimed
filmmaker Peter Del Monte (Invitation au Voyage).

Cora (Argento), an attractive, unstable girl in
her teens with no stable job or home, is hired
by a
rich woman to
follow her forgetful father (Piccoli) throughout Rome and beyond.
As the old
man makes pointless trips across Italy, Cora unknowingly embarks on a
journey of self-discovery, dealing with past memories and colorful
encounters. Unable to
deal with the old
man’s delirium, Cora wanders off on her
own, becoming involved with various men and evading
her low-life brother’s plans to
kidnap the old
man for
ransom. Cora abandons the pursuit
and returns to
Rome, where an accidental encounter lifts her spirits.

Beautiful locations in
Italy and stunning
performances by Argento
and Piccoli
make Traveling Companion an unforgettable emotional ride.

  • NTSC Region 1

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