The Thing (LE Mediabook Blu-Ray All Region)


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The 1982 cult classic presented in best video and audio quality + six hours of bonus material, including new extras, archive finds and familiar features + four audio commentaries ¬†New: Carpenter interview “Fear on Film” (1982), storyboard/screen comparison, Trailers From Hell and an audio commentary by Todd Cameron (founder of the fan site

The details

Blu-ray Disc 1 – John Carpenter’s THE THING

Video: 2,35:1 (1080p/24)

HD master of the 4k transfer in perfect quality (“Arrow master”) – approved by director John Carpenter and DOP Dean Cundey.


Reconstructed German DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track: newly “built” from original elements

English DTS-HD Master Audio sound in 5.1, 2.0 & 4.1 (original mix).

Bonus: Five theatrical trailers, TV & radio spots, Four audio commentaries: John Carpenter & Kurt Russell, Dean Cundey (DOP), Stuart Cohen (Producer) and Todd Cameron (

Blu-ray Disc 2 – bonus material (NOT ALL EXTRAS ARE ENGLISH FRIENDLY


-“Terror takes shape” (approx. 86 min.)

-“The Men of Outpost 31” (HD, approx. 51 min.)

-“Behind The Chameleon” (HD, approx. 25. Min.)


-“Requiem For A Shape Shifter” with John Carpenter (HD, approx. 29 min.)

-“Assembling And Assimilation” with Cutter Todd Ramsay (HD, approx. 11 min.)

-“Between The Lines” with novelist Alan Dean Foster (HD, approx. 16 min.)

-“Sounds From The Cold” with sound designer David Lewis Yewdall & Alan Howarth (HD, approx. 15 min.)

From the archives

-“Fear on Film” (1982) – A conversation with John Carpenter, John Landis & David Cronenberg (approx. 26 min.)

-Storyboard/screen comparison (HD, approx. 8 min.)

-Outtakes (approx. 6 min.)

-Trailers from Hell (2x approx. 3 min.)

-Vintage EPK (approx. 13 min.)

-US TV version (approx. 94 min., 4:3)

-The Making of The Thing (approx. 9 min.)

-The Making of a Chilling Tale (approx. 5 min.)

-Behind the scenes (approx. 2 min.)

-The saucer (approx. 2 min.)

-Vintage Product Reel (approx. 20 min.)

-Extensive text and image archive

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