Texas Chainsaw Massacre Pt 2 (Retro VHS Edition) (2 Disc Blu-Ray Region B)


2 Disc Blu-Ray set in a retro-VHS case with the film and a load of extras !

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A radio host is victimized by the cannibal family as a former Texas Marshall hunts them.

Not All Extras are English Friendly

Bonus material:

Audio commentary with director Tobe Hooper and filmmaker David Gregory

Audio commentary with the actors Bill Moseley and Caroline Williams as well as with Tom Savini

Audio commentary with detective biologist dr. Mark Benecke and pathologist dr. Matthias Scheffzek 

“It’s in the family” 

Extended interviews on “It’s in the family” 

Behind the scenes

From the bottom of the editing room: five scenes removed

Cinema trailer; 

TV spots; 

Photo galleries

Audio commentary with cinematographer Richard Kooris; Outfitters Cary White; Script Supervisor Laura Kooris and Property Master Michael Sullivan

House Of Pain – Interview with the Makeup Artists

Yuppie Meat – Interview with the Actors 

Cutting Moments – Interview with Cutter Alain Jakubowicz

Behind The Mask – Interview with Bob Elmore 

Horror’s Hallowed Grounds – Visit the Film Locations 

All English audio commentaries with optional German subtitles .

Miniposter; Duration bonus material approx. 314 min .;

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