Terror of Frankenstein (NTSC Region 1)


Visually and stylistically beautiful adaptation of Shelley`s tale of gothic horror Frankenstein that remains one of the most faithful film versions to date

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Mary Shelly’s classic tale of gothic horror ‘comes to
life’ in Terror Of Frankenstein, a
chilling cinematic experience.

While still in medical school, Victor Frankenstein
(Leon Vitali) becomes obsessed with the idea of
creating life. Despite the ridicule of his peers,
he conducts private experiments in the rejuvenation
of dead tissue. Using bodies stolen from the morgue,
he assembles a human cadaver and revives
it with the electrical charge of lightning. Seeking
revenge on its maker, the tormented
creature begins a brutal rampage of destruction and murder,
which leads to a final
confrontation between creator and created in
the frozen arctic

  • NTSC Region 1
  • Terror Of Frankenstein Commemorative Booklet
  • Theatrical Trailer

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