Ten Years of Robotic Mayhem (NTSC Region 1)


Before “Battle Bots”, “The Matrix”, “The Terminator” or any of their imitators, there was Survival Research Laboratories. This special edition dvd chronicles their 10 years of robotic mayhem and industrial madness!

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Before ‘Battle
Bots’, ‘The Matrix’, ‘The Terminator’ or any of their
imitators, there was Survival Research Laboratories. Founded by the visionary
Mark Pauline, SRL utilizes incredibly complex props and robotics to create a
unique spectacle unlike anything seen before. In this DVD collection Jon Reiss
encapsulates the humor, terror, artistic bracado and technical genius behind the
menacing machines and weaves it into a gloriously cacophonous whole. This DVD
shows the development of SRL from it’s earliest performances in front of a
handful of people in San Francisco to grand spectacles staged for thousands in
the U.S. and Europe.

  • NTSC Region 1
  • Over 2 Hourse of
  • 5.1 DD Soundtrack
    on Bitter Message
  • Audio Commentary

The Following SRL Films, in
their entirety:

  • ‘A Bitter Message of Hopeless Grief’
  • ‘The Will to Provoke’
  • ‘The World Premiere of ‘The Delusions of Expediency: How To
    Avoid responsibility for Social Disintegration by Acting Without Principle
    Under the Pretense of Utility’
    Special Editions of the Following SRL Documentaries:

  • ‘The Pleasures of Uninhibited Excess’
  • ‘A Scenic Harvest From the Kingdom of Pain’
  • ‘Virtues of Negative Fascination’
  • ‘Seven Machine Performances’ Director’s Commentary

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