Tears of Kali (US Version) (NTSC Region 1)


The eerie stories around the Taylor-Eriksson group and their members are told in three episodes, SHAKTI, KALI, DEVI, embedded in a frame plot. This group tried to re-define the limits of self-finding, sex and violence.

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In the early 80’s several extreme communes who were known as self-experiencing groups, established themselves in India. One of these groups was the infamous Taylor-Eriksson group. Strange rumors began about this particular group and some of their extreme self-finding practices, and even the disappearance of some of its members. Tears of Kali is the tale of the Taylor-Eriksson group. It tells the eerie story of its members and the pure horror and mutilation that can occur when one’s mind is turned over to the dark side of new age.

  • NTSC Region 1

  • DD 5.1 Audio

  • Anamorphic Widescreen

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