Takashi Miike Collection DVD (4 Disc Set) (PAL All Region)


Four disc set of films from Takashi Miike including 2 FAMILY films and 2 BODYGUARD KIBA films.

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Takashi Miike Collection DVD (4 Disc Set) (PAL All Region)

Family 1 – Shudder at the Yakuza Mafia’s takeover of Japan’s dark side. There is no bond like the Family bond of the Yakuza. The story of Japan’s Yakuza Families and the ultimate test of loyalty. Kidnapping, murder, boat chases, big explosions, sexual exchanges, beautiful women and drugs abound in this beautifully shot film.

Family 2 – Hisao Maki’s popular Manga comic, Shukan Jitsuwa Weekly, is brought to life by acclaimed director Takashi Miike! The first half of the Family saga, chock full of action and violence, its finally here! Genius director Takashi Miike brings us the exciting climax to this saga of one family’s deadly struggle.

Bodyguard Kiba – In addition to his karate dojo, Tetsu Daito runs God Hand, a company through which his apprentice, Naoto Kiba, hires himself out as a bodyguard in order to earn money to support the dojo. Though Kiba has often heard his master say that no one would come to God Hand with a dangerous assignment, he is constantly in danger. This time he agrees to guard a beautiful woman in Hong Kong, thinking he’ll have an easy time of it, however …. This is a true martial arts film set in exotic Hong Kong!

Bodyguard Kiba Apocalypse of Carnage – Naoto Kiba hires himself out as an illegal bodyguard for extraordinary sums of money, and he’s just received his next mission. He has been assigned to guard Jumpei Ishimine, a hoodlum who embezzled 500 million yen from the Soryu-kai, the gang to controls Okinawa. The Soryu-kai send one of Okinawa’s best karate masters after Kiba and Junpei, but Kiba is able to defeat him in the blink of an eye. But then the Soruy-Kai kidnaps Junpei’s old girlfriend, Yoko!

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