Spaghetti Westerns Unchained DVD (4 DVD Blue Underground Set) (NTSC All Region)


Four action-packed, must-see ‘Spaghetti Westerns’ starring the legendary Franco Nero and Tomas Milian

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Four action-packed, must-see ‘Spaghetti Westerns’ starring the legendary Franco Nero and Tomas Milian


Franco Nero (CAMELOT) stars as the lone stranger who roams the West dragging a coffin filled with chaos towards a destiny ruled by vengeance. Co-writer/director Sergio Corbucci (THE GREAT SILENCE) packs his landmark classic with indelible images, unforgettable performances and some of the most shocking brutality of any ‘Spaghetti Western’ ever made. This is the still-controversial epic that defined a genre, launched a phenomenon and inspired over 50 unofficial sequels. This is the one and only DJANGO! 


Tomas Milian (TRAFFIC) stars as a half-breed bandit double-crossed and left for dead who rises from the grave to seek his revenge. But when his quest leads to a bizarre town called ‘The Unhappy Place,’ he is plunged into an odyssey of gruesome torture, graphic violence and relentless sexual depravity. This is the landmark movie that fans and critics still consider to be the strangest – and most controversial – ‘Spaghetti Western’ ever made. This is DJANGO KILL! 


Franco Nero (DIE HARD 2) is KEOMA, a half-breed gunfighter weary of killing as a way of life. But when he returns to his troubled childhood home, Keoma is caught in a savage battle between innocent settlers, sadistic bandits and his vengeful half-brothers. In a wasteland gone mad with rage and pain, can one man massacre his way to redemption? 


Franco Nero (STREET LAW) stars as Burt Sullivan, a tough Texas sheriff who heads deep into Mexico with his younger brother to arrest the man who murdered their father years earlier. But when they uncover a shocking family secret, the brothers find themselves trapped in a lawless land where violence is a pastime, vengeance is a birthright and sudden death is a way of life.

NTSC All Region

4 Disc MultiPack

DJANGO Extras:

Django: The One And Only – Interviews with Star Franco Nero and Assistant Director Ruggero Deodato

Theatrical Trailer

Poster & Still Gallery

Talent Bios 


Django, Tell! – Interviews with Co-Writer/Director Giulio Questi and Stars Tomas Milian & Ray Lovelock

Theatrical Trailer

Poster & Still Gallery 

KEOMA Extras:

Audio Commentary with Director Enzo G. Castellari and Journalist Waylon Wahl

Keoma: Legends Never Die – Interview with Star Franco Nero

Theatrical Trailer

Talent Bios 


Back In The Saddle – Interview with Star Franco Nero

Theatrical Trailer

Franco Nero Bio


Dolby Digital Mono

English, Italian


Widescreen 1.66:1 & 2.35:1 / 16×9

1966 – 1976

400 Mins

Not Rated

Region Code: 0


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