Southern Fried Comedy (Troma) (NTSC Region 1)


Triple feature of down home southern fried Drive In Classics including ellie, Preacherman and Hot Summer in Barefoot Country.

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Southern-Fried Comedy Jam

Ellie: Hollywood legend Shelley Winters stars in this film, set in the backwoods of the Deep South. Young, beautiful Ellie (Sheila Kennedy, The First Turn-On) has just witnessed the murder of her fatehr at the hands of her evil stepmother and three lecherous sons, all hoping to get their hands on Ellie’s father’s money. Ellie plots to do in the murderers, one by one, using the only weapon she has: her body!

Preacherman: When we meet con-man Amos Huxley (writer/producer/director and star Albert T. Viola), he has duped churchgoers out of their collection money, and their sheriff’s daughter out of her sexual innocence. He is hauled off and thrown out of town, setting him loose upon another innocent town. “Empty your pockets of the devil’s money and be saved” or so says Amos to his congregation after convincing a poor bootlegger to open a church on the property where his still is.

Hot Summer in Barefoot County: A country hick turned lawman from the capital goes undercover in Hicksville, to bust an undercover bootleggin’ operation, run by a tough-talkin’ mama and her halter-topped kinfolk. Distracted from his duties as a man of the law, he falls for one of Mama’s three daughters, and rediscovers his country roots. But what will happen when the local townsfolk and his lady’s sisters make a bust of their own? What is a man to do?! Screw the girl and forget your job or screw the girl over and forget the screw?

  • NTSC Region 1

  • Triple Feature

  • Cannibal Lesbian Hoedown music video

  • Make Your Own Damn Movie Public Service Announcement

  • Tromadance PSA

  • Why Children Shouldn’t Play with Hamsters PSA

  • Web Monkey’s Bananas

  • Tromatic Trailers and much more!

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