Satanis & Sinthia – Devil Doll Double Feature (NTSC Region 1)


Devilish Something Weird double feature containing Satanis – the Anton LaVey documentary and Sinthia, The Devil`s Doll from director Ray Dennis Steckler. Contains nudity, sex and devil dudes!

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‘A religion based on man’s carnal
needs’ is how ‘Satanist Minster’
Anton Szandor LaVey describes his Church of Satan in
the fascinating documentary, Satanis, The
Devil’s Mass
, an up-close look at LaVey and the satanic
shenanigans filmed inside his infamous San Francisco ‘Black House’
back in 1969. From the nude
women decorating the altar to
the man dressed as a
bishop who gets his fanny whipped before climbing into a
coffin with a naked gal, we’re treated to
interviews with LaVey and his flock (‘We’re
maybe more normal than normal people!’) as
well as various startled neighbors (‘He has
completely sold himself to the devil!’),
all of which is sandwiched between scenes of Black
Mass featuring hilarious corny B-movie booga-booga and LaVey
wearing silly little devil horns. Regardless of your take on Anton
or the devil, Satanis, The Devil’ Mass is a
wonderfully oddball look at one of America’s darkest pop-culture curiosities.

Plus: After murdering her parents and setting
the fire,
Cynthia Kyle becomes Sinthia, the Devil’ Doll
when Lucifer forces her to wander through a
semi-psychedelic world of dreams and hallucinations in
this ultra-bizarre mix of skin, daddy-lust, and art-film
exploitation from cult fave Ray Dennis Steckler, directing under the moniker
‘Sven Christian’. And remember, ‘If you’re going to
be a sinner, be the best
sinner on the block!’

  • NTSC Region 1
  • Double Feature DVD
  • Devilishly Satanic Trailers For: The Devil’s Hand, House of Exorcism,
    Mark oft he Devil Part II, Meatcleaver Massacre
    and Witchcraft ’70!
  • George Sanders Discusses Dunsmore Devil Worshippers in Satanic Short #1: British
    Black Mass
  • The Legendary Candy Barr Dances For the Devil in Gratuitous Satanic Short
    #2: My Tale Is Hot!
  • Coffin Orgies! Voodoo! Gay Sex! Steve Vincent explains it All In the
    29-Minute Featurette : Sex Ritual of the Occult!
  • Gallery of Sexploitation Ad Art with Exploitation Audio!

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