Salon Kitty (Tinto Brass) (NTSC All Region)


DVD of the Tinto Brass Nazi Sexploitation film about a power-mad SS Officer who films the escapades at an elite whorehouse in order to blackmail the other officers

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Berlin, 1939: At the dawn of World War II, power-mad SS Officer Wallenberg(Helmut Berger of THE DAMNED) is ordered to find and train Germany’s mostbeautiful women to work in the opulent brothel of Madam Kitty (Ingrid Thulin ofCRIES AND WHISPERS). Here these Nazi nymphs will submit to the bizarre passionsand carnal degradations of the Reich’s highest-ranking men and women whileWallenberg secretly records their acts for blackmail. But when an innocent youngprostitute (Teresa Ann Savoy of CALIGULA) uncovers the conspiracy, her revengewill ignite a holocaust of pain, pleasure and shocking sexual perversion. Thestory is true. The depravity is real. The film is SALON KITTY.

John Steiner (MANNAJA), Tina Aumont (TORSO) and John Ireland (RED RIVER)co-star in this infamous epic co-written and directed by Tinto Brass andfeaturing exquisite production design by Oscar® winner Ken Adam (BARRY LYNDON,GOLDFINGER). Released in America as the heavily censored MADAM KITTY, thiscontroversial shocker has been fully restored from the director’s own personalvault print and features extended scenes of sexual atrocities now presented forthe first time ever.

  • NTSC Region 1
  • Anamorphic Widescreen
  • English or Italian with English Subtitles
  • Trailers

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