Ruining, The (NTSC Region 1)


Two Los Angeles couples stumble into a small town where the water well was poisoned thirty years earlier leaving half the town dead and the other half horribly addicted to
psychedelic eggs bred by fiendish farmer Henry Behrens

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Two Los Angeles couples run into trouble on a remote mountain camping trip where government drilling poisoned the water in a small town thirty years earlier. Half of the town died and those that were left are horribly addicted to psychedelic eggs bred by fiendish farmer Henry Behrens. When the strangers enter into his domain the stage is set for selective breeding and feeding of human flesh.

Filmed over ten years and finally completed with a government check donated by a Vietnam Veteran exposed to Agent Orange, The Ruining is not only a film with classic elements of the best horror and gore films, but a triumph for the director and independent cinema as a whole.

The Ruining stars cult legend Wings Hauser and comedian Patrick Warburton.

  • NTSC Region 1

  • Exclusive deconstruction of the tumultuous behind-the-scenes tale of the ten years in the making of The Ruining, explaining it’s original look and how it was finally brought to the public after many trials and tribulations, a story almost as interesting as the film itself;

  • Lunachicks “Say What You Mean” Music Video directed by Lloyd Kaufman!

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