Prince of Darkness – Korean Release (NTSC All Region)


Import NTSC ALL REGION DVD of the creepy and unusual John Carpenter horror movie featuring an Anamorphic picture.

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Prince Of Darkness is an apocalyptic horror movie from John Carpenter
(written by Carpenter under the pseudonymn Martin Quatermass). When an evil
substance sealed in an ancient canister begins to come alive, a group of
scientists strive to uncover it’s hidden secrets. They discover the canister is
seven million years old and that the lid can only be opened from the inside. The
scientists also find an ancient manuscript, which reveals the dreadful truth
about the canister: the foul substance it holds is actually the concentrated
essence of Satan, entombed by his father, an anti-god.

As the vile liquid assumes a life of it’s own, the team members begin to
disappear. Satan manages to escape his ancient prison, transforming his many
victims into zombies. Kelly (Susan Blanchard) becomes his host, aiding him in
his quest to bring his father the anti-god back from the darkness. Catherine
(Lisa Blount) and her lover Brian (Jameson Parker), two surviving members of the
team, must resist the evil clutches of Satan in a terrifying struggle to

  • Import DVD
  • NTSC All Region
  • 2:35 Anamorphic Widescreen

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