Primitive London / London In The Raw DVD (NTSC Region 1)


Double feature of Mondo style films documenting the underbelly of London in the 50s and 60s.

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PRIMITIVE LONDON: A sensational mondo movie that scratches at the underbelly of sixties London, in all its lurid glory. Delving deep into the shocking degradation of the lives of mods, rockers, pinball-machine addicts, strippers, prostitutes and more strippers. ”Primitive London” portrays a decadent age in Britain as it moved on from the post-war depression of the 1950s.

LONDON IN THE RAW: Director Arnold L. Miller sensibly honed in on sleazy bars, strip clubs, beatniks and cocktail lounges and stayed there, rarely venturing outside of the London’s SOHO mean side-streets. He nevertheless manages to capture a side of London life rarely seen and now lost. From strippers to gamblers, to bizarre women in tights working out in an even weirder gym, ”London in the Raw” has it all and is an often startling glimpse into life and attitudes of ”swinging London” of the 1960s. YEAH, BABY, YEAH!

NTSC Region 1
Double Feature


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