Perfect Crime DVD (Crimen Ferpecto) (NTSC Region 1)


From director Alex de la Iglesia comes more of his famed craziness and his best film in years!

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Rafael is an ambitious, seductive man who likes attractive women, elegant clothes and select environments. He works in a big department store in which he has turned the Women’s Section into his own domain. He was born to sell, it’s in his blood and he aims to become the new sales manager.  His main rival to hold the post is Don Antonio, the veteran in charge of the men�s section. But fate intervenes and Don Antonio dies accidentally after a heated discussion. The only witness to the crime is Lourdes, a dreadful, naïve and obsessive shop assistant who doesn’t hesitate to blackmail Rafael into becoming her lover, husband and slave. Rafael despairs as he sees his sophisticated world crumbling little by little into a hell of vulgarity. In the grip of madness he thinks up an infallible plan to free himself from Lourdes. This time he can’t even afford to make one mistake. Everything has to be ‘ferpect’.

From director Alex de la Iglesia

  • NTSC Region 1
  • Widescreen
  • Spanish with English Subtitles

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