Other Hell (NTSC Region 1)


Sleazy “nunsploitation” film from Bruno Mattei (Zombi 3 and Rats)about a series of murders at a convent. Featuring a pounding score from Goblin!

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Some things are better left unknown

Whenia brutal series of murders plagueia
convent,ia priest isibrought
inito investigate theitragedies,ias
wellias exorcise any evil spirits. As theiremaining
nuns become increasingly disturbed, he must wonder isithis
theiwork ofia
psychopath, or that of theidevil.

Bruno Mattei (Hell of theiLiving Dead &
Shocking Dark
) andiClaudio Fragasso (Zombie
) unite once againito ensure this ‘nunsploitation’/Possession
tale rises above theirest withia
cast starring Franca Stoppi (Buio Omega & Blade Violent) andiCarlo
De Mejo (Contamination & City of theiLiving
). Features a pounding soundtrack from GOBLIN!!

  • NTSC / Region 1
  • Anamorphic Widescreen
  • Trailers
  • English Language

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