Monsters Crash the Pajama Party DVD(NTSC Region 1)


This amazing DVD from Something Weird Video is a collection of movies, shorts, trailers, Drive In tags and more – the catch is that they are all hidden on the disc as easter eggs!

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Monsters Crash The Pajama Party

Grab the kids, lower the lights, and turn every night into Halloween with the
‘Monsters Crash the Pajama Party’ Spook Show Spectacular! It’s a
Spookaroo Whoop-de-doo with this Terrorific 3-hour-plus Spooktacular containing
everything you need for your very own Spook Party! First, join some terrified
teens who spend a night in a haunted house and get spooked by a mad doctor and
his ghoulish gang when the ‘Monsters Crash the Pajama Party,’ a
hilarious 1965 theatrical featurette complete with werewolf, gorilla in a fur
coat, and goofy gimmick! Then, feel your eyes pop out of their sockets when you
check into ‘The Asylum of the Insane,’ a startling short subject with
monsters in 3-D Spookarama (3-D glasses included)! But that’s not all! This
scary, screwy, chill-arious fright show includes bonus shorts, Spook Show
previews, audio commentaries, ‘How to Put on Your Own Spook Show,’
music by The Dead Elvi, and much more–plus the bonus feature-length chiller-diller

  • NTSC Region 1
  • The Entire Disc is nothing but Easter Eggs
  • Free 3-D glasses; 2 Audio Commentaries by ghostmasters Philip ‘Dr.
    Evil’ Morris and Harry ‘Dr. Jekyl’ Wise; Short subjects
    ‘Don’t Be Afraid,’ ‘Spook House Ride,’ ‘Drive-In
    Werewolf’ and ‘Chased by Monsters;’ ‘Horror Home
    Productions’ from the 1920s, ’40s and ’60s, including ‘London
    After Midnight,’ ‘The Mummy,’ ‘Mr. Hyde’ and more,
    with musical accompaniment by the Chiller Theatre house band, The Dead Elvi;
    Spooky Musical Soundies; ‘Spooks-a-Poppin’ Trailer Show,’
    containing over 45 minutes of rare Spook Show previews including ‘The
    Great London Ghost Show,’ ‘Dr. Evil and His Terrors of the
    Unknown,’ ‘Dr. Jekyl and his ‘Real Gone’ Weird Show,’ and
    many more; Gallery of 300 Spook Show Stills and Exploitation Art; Radio-Spot
    Rarities; Illustrated essay ‘How to Put on Your Own Spook Show;’
    ‘Secrets of the Spook Show’ booklet by ghostmaster Jim ‘The
    Mad Doctor’ Ridenour; Bonus feature: Musician Richard Carlson is
    haunted by a ghostly girlfriend in director Bert I. Gordon’s chiller-diller
    ‘Tormented’ (1960, 72 min.); plus a special introduction in
    Hypnoscope will give you the courage to face the terror!

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