Mindwarp / Brainscan Double Feature (Blu-Ray)


SCI-FI Double Feature with Mindwarp and Brainscan ! 

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SCI-FI Double Feature


In the future, life will be a dream.  And reality a nightmare.

In a post-holocaust world, one woman (Marta Alicia) relies on computer fantasies to entertain herself, but a glitch sends her to a far-off wasteland to deal with monsters called Crawlers. She is saved by a young rebel (Bruce Campbell), but the pair are later captured and brought underground by the Crawlers. There, an overlord called the Seer (Angus Scrimm) presides over the kingdom and tries to make life miserable for his captives.

A post-apocalyptic gore-fest funded by Fangoria magazine…eye-gouging, blood-spurting nastiness.” – Time Out London


An interactive trip to hell.

When a lonely teenager (Edward Furlong) orders the latest interactive video game, the high-tech wizardry penetrates his subconscious, where his darkest impulses lead him through a deadly maze of murder, deception and desire. Pursued by homicide detective (Frank Langella) and prodded by the trickster (T. Ryder Smith), he is torn between the worlds of good and evil, of reality and fantasy and, ultimately, life and death.

a solid ‘90s tech-horror film.” – Anthony Arrigo, Dread Central

Starring: Bruce Campbell, Angus Scrimm, Edward Furlong, Frank Langella


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