Meat Market 1 and 2 Collection DVD (NTSC Region 1)


When Hell Spits Out the Dead, it will be the Darkest Day of Terror Humankind has Ever Known!

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When Hell Spits Out the Dead, it will be the Darkest Day of Terror Humankind has Ever Known!  First, in “Meat Market”, two ex-security agents discover what may be the real cause of what the TV news reports as animal attacks. Argenta (Claire Westby) and Shahrokh (Paul Pedrosa) are former employees of a company they knew to be conducting bizarre medical experiments. What has resulted are not animal attacks, but attacks by humans – turned into vicious, decomposing, cannibalistic zombies. Their efforts to stem the violence in vain, hunted by the authorities, Shahrokh and Argenta escape the city just as it is engulfed by chaos. Their only hope lies in finding and organizing the few remaining survivors. What they find – three vampire women armed with high-tech weaponry, a deranged & washed-up Mexican wrestler, a wounded soldier, and a scientist who may know more than he lets on – offer more questions than answers. These few must band together to defeat the hordes of the undead before they are themselves consumed by the new order!

“Meat Market 2” picks up more than a year after the events of the first movie with the few survivors, Argenta, Nemesis, and others, struggling for survival against the undead in the ruins of what was once society. In their search for a safe haven they come across what appears to be the last refuge of humanity – a fortified compound run by former motivational speaker Bill Wilhelm, and his cult of heavily armed fanatics. But when Argenta is subjected to indoctrination techniques and her comrades imprisoned, she begins to suspect that deep within the compound, more is going on than a simple attempt to ‘rebuild’…that Bill and his followers have more than one use for the living and the undead alike

  • NTSC Region 1
  • Uncut Double Feature DVD

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