Masterpiece (PAL Region 2)


2 DVD set of the Spanish comedy starring the great Santiago Segura (Torrente and Day of the Beast)about a pair of losers who kidnap an aging actress with the hopes of having her act in their 8mm movie!

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Carolo and Benito (Santiago Segura – Torrente and Day of the Beast) are
two losers with a loose screw who share their passion for cinema. They’ve
written a script for Benito to direct and Carolo to act, but they also needa
leading actress so they approach their muse, Amanda Castro, a famous star
whose career is starting to go downhill because of her drug problems and
bitter character. She takes them for whackos (not much of a stretch) and
refuses to listen to them. Driven by their determination, the two men kidnap
her and take her to a remote house in the woods, where filming will take
place, in the hope that her initial hostility will turn to friendship once
she gets to know them and their project.
  • Import DVD
  • PAL / Region 2
  • 2 Disc Special Edition
  • 2:35 Anamorphic Widescreen
  • English Subtitles
  • Spanish 5.1 Soundtrack
  • Loads of Spanish Language Extras

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