Lethal Dose – LD 50 (NTSC Region 1)


A free-spirited group of young animal rights activists break into an animal
research facility in order to get video footage of grisly experiments for their
website when things go horribly wrong.

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A group of seven young animal rights activists set out one evening to free a lab full of rats, rabbits and cats from their cages in an experimentation facility. When something goes wrong and an alarm is tripped, one of the activists, Gary, is left behind as the others escape from the police. Later, a mysterious message, “Lethal Dose” appears in their email with a map of a vivisection lab. Now, the group must reassemble for one more mission into an empty lab where a blood-soaked, mind-bending experiment has begun.

  • NTSC Region 1

  • DD 5.1 Audio

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