Last Horror Movie (Unrated) (NTSC Region 1)


Raw and gripping serial killer film that successfully crosses MAN BITES DOG with HENRY PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER.

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Max is a wedding photographer who uses his video camera to moonlight as a serial killer. With the aid of a homeless assistant he documents his work in the form of a video diary. Max is a charismatic assassin, confronting his audience with the mind of a homicidal maniac. But when he realizes “his audience” is becoming horrified at the brutality on display, he poses a killer question: “Why are you still watching?” The answer is simple enough, you know you shouldn’t be and that’s exactly why you are.

  • NTSC Region 1

  • Deleted Scenes

  • Featurette

  • Cast Auditions

  • Commentary with Director and Lead Actor

  • ‘The Shoe Collector’ Short: A serial killer with a fascination for his victim’s shoes meets more than his match in red stilettos.

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