Kingdom Pt 2 – Import SE (Lars Von Trier) (PAL Region 2)


The 2nd part of Lars Von Trier’s great Danish horror “soap opera” on 2 discs with extras and a commentary track

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Part 2 of the great Danish Kingdom series

Lars Van Trier, director of BREAKING THE WAVES, DANCER IN THE DARK, THE IDIOTS, etc. directed this mad soap opera for Danish television. It is often referred to as ‘E.R. on acid’, and this description is not completely off, though it strikes me as being very similar is spirit to the TWIN PEAKS television show as well. The series concerns a haunted hospital and its wacky inhabitants. It is filled with black humor and disturbing horror.

  • Import DVD

  • PAL Region 2

  • 2 Disc SE

  • English Subtitles

  • English Menus

  • Commentary (subtitled in English) by Lars Von Trier, writer Niels Varsel and Editor Molly Stendgard

  • 40m Documentary about Lars Von Trier subtitled in English

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