Horror Thrillers 4-Film Collection (Warner Archive) (Blu-Ray)


Four Film collection from Warner Archives with Wolfen, Innocent Blood, Hunger and Body Snatchers


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Wolfen, Innocent Blood, Hunger and Body Snatchers

Classic horror-movie creatures get stylish updates in this quartet of cinematic frights from four visionary directors. Wolfen adds an ecological twist to Whitley Streiber’s urban-blight commentary on a pack of lycanthropes defending its territory. The Hunger brings an art-house aesthetic to Streiber’s revisionist vampire saga. This sexy tale will leave you hungry for more. Innocent Blood defies standard sensibilities by adding a vigilante vampire to the cops-and-mobsters genre and ups the blood count. Body Snatchers combines teenage alienation, body horror and government paranoia with alien invaders. Don’t sleep. You won’t want to after watching this.


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