Girl Next Door (Stacy Valentine) (NTSC Region 1)


Fascinating documentary showing Stacey Baker`s transition from housewife to Pornstar Stacey Valentine.

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Stacey Baker had a rough childhood growing up in Tulsa, for she was not like the other country girls around her. Adopted as an infant and raised in a hostile environment, Stacey always envied others who had talent. Without any real direction, Stacey became entangled as a young adult in a rough marriage. Soon enough, however, she finds herself working in an industry so few of us would imagine we’d end up in.

In this documentary, director Christine Fugate gives some visual input as to thelife of an adult film star, as seen through Stacey. The documentary covers everyaspect of Stacey’s professional and personal life – from the dozens of male fanswho fantasize about her, to her search for the one, real relationship. What isparticularly interesting is how much this film ‘normalizes’ thisprofession. You’ll see that a vocabulary with the term ‘DP’ becomes part of an actress’ daily language and see what happens when a studio brings in ‘inexperienced’ talent. All in the day’s work of an adult film star.

  • NTSC Region 1 

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