Garringo / Two Crosses at Danger Pass DVD (Wild East) (NTSC All Region)


Double Feature of westerns from Rafael Romero Marchent !

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As a small boy Johnny saw his father killed by soldiers. Years later he has grown up to be an outlaw and is killing soldiers whenever he can. Lieutenant Garringo (Steffen) is sent out to arrest Johnny (Lawrence) and bring him back alive.


Director: Rafael Romero Marchent

Stars: Anthony Steffen, Peter Lee Lawrence, Solvi Stubing


2 Crosses At Danger Pass

Judy and Alex are the only two survivors of a punishment mission ordered by the rich and ruthless Moran… The girl becomes his maid and the boy is adopted by a Quaker family. Alex, in spite of the pardon philosophy taught to him, is planning a revenge.


Director: Rafael Romero Marchent

Stars: Pietro Martellanza, Mario Novelli, Nuccia Cardinali





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