MEDIABOOK Franco’s Count Dracula (Wicked Vision LE Mediabook) (Blu-Ray All Region)


15 hours of bonus material including the legendary arthouse film “Cuadecuc Vampire” as a bonus film


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 15 hours of bonus material including the legendary arthouse film “Cuadecuc Vampire” as a bonus film

The film itself has been painstakingly restored, both in picture and sound, and is the longest version of the film to date in the world.


– 24-page booklet by Christoph N. Kellerbach

– Audio commentary with Dr. Rolf Giesen and Dr. Gerd Naumann

– Audio commentary with Fred Williams and Peter Blumenstock

– Audio commentary with David Del Valle and Maria Rohm [inc. German subtitles] – Christopher Lee reads Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”

– “At night when Dracula wakes up” – German theatrical version (98 min.)

– Featurette: “Stake Holders” – Director Christophe Gans pays tribute to the film (9 min.)

– Featurette: “Handsome Harker” – Interview with Fred Williams (27 min.)

– Featurette: In conversation with Jack Taylor (10 min.)

– Featurette: Unfaithful Count? (20 min.)

– Featurette: “Beloved Count” – Interview with Jess Franco (27 min.)

– Featurette: “My name is Jack” – Interview with Jack Taylor (15 min.)

– Audio interview with Jess Franco (22 min.) – Soundtrack-backed picture gallery (45 min.)

– German Super 8 version (33 min.)

– German opening credits (2 min.)

– French opening credits (2 min.)

– Italian opening credits (2 min.)

– Spanish opening credits (2 min.)

– German cinema trailer (4 min.)

– Picture gallery (11 min.)

– Bonus film: Cuadecuc Vampire (67 min.)

– Exclusive documentation: Dracula Barcelona (86 min.

Edition Limited Edition, Mediabook, Cover C

Audio English (Dolby Digital 2.0), English (DTS HD Master Audio 2.0), German (Dolby Digital 2.0), German (DTS HD Master Audio 2.0)

Subtitles English, German

Extras Soundtrack, Booklet, Documentations, Interviews, Trailer, Audio commentary, Photo gallery, Featurette

Length 98 Minutes

Screen 16/9, 1.33: 1

Year of production 1970

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Weight 15 oz