Dark Star (NTSC Region 1)


John Carpenter`s odd, cult favorite. Co-written by Dan O`Bannon(Alien).

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I don’t think I laughed as uncontrollably and as often during a movie since I was a kid…[it] is so suspenseful and so terrifying yet so funny that you end up getting sick from laughing. …the whole movie gives one the feeling that..many years went into making it… I give this movie five spoons.’ –Jack Margolis, Los Angeles Free Press. DARK STAR was originally intended to be a 68 minute film. Jack Harris, the Hollywood producer, convinced the filmmakers to shoot 15 minutes of extra footage and he released the expanded version theatrically in 1975 through Bryanston Pictures. In 1983, DARK STAR was re- issued to home video as a ‘Special Edition,’ created under the supervision and authorization of the filmmakers. This special version, featuring a new technically superior video transfer, had been edited by the filmmakers though, virtually removing all the extra footage. Now, once again for all DARK STAR purest, here is the full length theatrical release version, painstakingly restored, and sporting a new Dolby Digital Hi-Fi stereo sound track. Enjoy! In the mid twenty-first century, mankind has reached a point in its technological advances to enable colonization of the far reaches of the universe. DARK STAR is a futuristic scout ship traveling far in advance of colony ships. Armed with Exponential Thermosteller Bombs, it prowls the unstable planets. But there is one obstacle that its crew members did not count on — one of the ship’s thinking and talking bombs is lodged in the bay, threatening to destroy the entire ship and crew! John Carpenter (‘Halloween’) and Dan O’Bannon (‘Alien’) combine their writing, creative and technical talents to bring you this thrilling and extraordinary science fiction parody.

  • NTSC / Region 1
  • Letterboxed
  • DD 5.1 Surround Sound
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