Chocky DVD (PAL All Region)


Sci-fi cult classic adapted from the John Wyndam novel by Doctor Who writer Anthony Read. Six episode disk features an interview with screenwriter Read.

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The parents of schoolboy Matthew Gore are beginning to notice a change in
their son. He’s constantly asking questions, his schoolwork has dramatically
improved and he’s developed many new talents. The secret lies with Chocky,
an inquisitive alien that enters his mind in order to learn about Earth. But
before long Matthew’s new skills begin to attract some attention. Adapted
from the John Wyndham novel by Doctor Who writer Anthony Read, and
produced by Vic Hughes, director of The Tomorrow People and Ace of
, Chocky is a classic sci-fi serial of the 80’s.
  • Import DVD
  • PAL All Region
  • Six Episode Series
  • Interview with Screenwriter

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