Black DVD (PAL Region 2)


Part of the new wave of French action films, this crazy hybrid screened to much fanfare at the Toronto After Dark and Fantasia film festivals.

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When his Parisian armoured car holdup goes horribly awry, our protagonist “Black” needs to go on the lam. News from his cousin in Senegal about a stash of uncut diamonds in a poorly guarded bank in Dakar hatches the plan to go on a “working vacation” that involves a little sightseeing and a lot of mayhem. Genre fans know underground French MC Jean Gab’1 as a villain in District B-13, but with “Black”, he takes centre stage and delivers a nouveau-blacksploitation adventure awash in black magic, African mysticism, mutant arms dealers, gargantuan machete-wielding mercenary armies and a truckload of knuckle-sandwiches.

  • Import DVD
  • PAL Region 2
  • French with English Subtitles
  • Original French Trailer

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