Bad Guy (UK Special Edition) (PAL All Region)


UK Special Editon (all features are subtitled in English) of the nasty and unflinching new film from the director of The Isle and Address Unknown about a low level mobster who sets out to ruin a young girl who humiliates him in public

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BAD GUY – This is another grim and mean-spirited (yet finally crafted) film from Kim ki-Duk, director of THE ISLE and ADDRESS UNKNOWN. In this film, a low-level gangster (Jae-Hyun Cho, who plays his role like a stalking panther) becomes fixated on a lovely young college girl (the ethereal Won Seo). When he forces a kiss upon her in a park, she pushes him away and ultimately humiliates him before an audience. This sets into motion a series of events that will devastate both of them yet, in some twisted (and certainly contrived) way, bring them together. The bad guy determines to ruin her life but setting up a situation that will enslave her into a life of forced prostitution. While the virginal girl is repeatedly degraded by not only his own men but an endless succession of rank johns, the bad guy watches her longingly through a two-way mirror. In the end, after a series of violent incidents that will leave most viewers flinching, one is left thinking that for the first time ever this could be a Kim ki-Duk film with some semblance of a happy ending. But no! Ki-Duk has saved the last shiv for the side of the viewer.

  • Import DVD

  • PAL All Region

  • DTS and DD 5.1 Korean Audio

  • English Subtitles

  • Anamorphic Widescreen

  • Original theatrical trailer

  • Behind the scenes

  • Asia Extreme trailer reel

  • Cast interviews (subtitled in English)

  • Director’s commentary (subtitled in English)

  • 4 page booklet with Jamie Russell film notes

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Weight 5 oz