Animerama: A Thousand & One Nights / Cleopatra (Blu-Ray Region B)


Double bill of Japanese adult animes. ‘A Thousand & One Nights’ (1969) follows Aldin (voice of Yukio Aoshima) as he travels around the Middle East in search of love and fortune. In ‘Cleopatra’ (1970), after discovering an alien race plans to destroy the world, three people use a time machine to transport their minds into the bodies of three members of Cleopatra’s palace in a bid to thwart the aliens’ plans.

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Animerama  is a series of thematically-related adult anime feature films originally conceived and initiated by Osamu Tezuka and made at his Mushi Production animation studio from the late 1960s to early 1970s, perhaps intended as animated counterparts to the then-emergent pink films.

As well as the erotic themes, they are also defined by mixing more typical traditional animation with sequences of UPA and Y ji Kuri influenced experimental use of modern design, limited animation, and still paintings akin to Tezuka s experimental short films and like those largely were all directed, sometimes sharing the billing with Tezuka, by Eiichi Yamamoto. The first, A Thousand & One Nights, was the first erotic animated feature film and, at 130 minutes, remains one of the longest ever animated films. The first two are also notable for having scores by famed composer and electronic rearranger Isao Tomita.

A Thousand and One Nights ( Senya Ichiya Monogatari) (1969)

Cleopatra ( Kureopatora) (1970)



  • Limited Edition featuring slipcase and reversible sleeves plus liner notes by film critic Simon Abrams (2000 units)
  • Both films included with new 2K restored prints
  • Interview with director Eiichi Yamamoto
  • Audio commentaries on both films by Helen McCarthy, author of The Art of Osamu Tezuka: God of Manga



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