Alice in Acidland DVD (NTSC Region 1)


Turn On, Tune In, Go Crazy! One minute, she`s a college student; the next
she`s Alice in Acidland, a drug-crazed sex kitten who plunges headfirst down the
wrong rabbit hole!

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Alice In Acidland/Smoke And Flesh (Special Edition)

Turn On, Tune In, Go Crazy! One minute, she’s a college student; the next she’s Alice in Acidland, a drug-crazed sex kitten who plunges headfirst down the wrong rabbit hole! Alice Trenton is “a normal well-adjusted young lady” until naughty gal pal Frieda Hamilton turns her on with “joints of pot” and lesbian lust. Hanging out with Frieda’s friends, Alice is so eager to be part of the “sex-for-pleasure inner circle” that her life becomes a whirlwind of marijuana and nude parties. But things turn tragic when Alice dares to ride the ultimate high: LSD — yes, acid, that “destroyer of youth and moral obligations!” Suddenly, Alice’s black-&-white world turns to trippy color as angelic nymphettes dance through psychedelic dreamscapes, giant breasts glide about like heavenly moons and her already confused mind melts into jelly…. Plus: Lovers of women and weed should then rush on over to the party at Turk’s for a special evening of Smoke and Flesh that begins with a delivery of some groovy grass. But watch out! Just when everyone’s toked and the free lovin’ starts to flow, a slimeball named Skiff crashes the festivities. Turk provides the punch line however when he slips Skiff some surprise LSD, and the dumb goon promptly enters Freakout Land…. These Two Trippy Time Capsules from the Outta-Sight Sixties will give you a cinematic high!

  • NTSC Region 1

  • Drug-Drenched Trailers for Smoke and Flesh, The Acid Eaters, Confessions of an Opium Eater, The Devil’s Harvest, The Hard Road, Hopped-Up, Marihuana, Monkey On My Back, The Narcotics Story and The Pusher

  • Acid guru Timothy Leary and character actor Richard Lynch are among those weighing in on “the thin line between the Good Trip and the Bad Trip” in the 1967 Scare Short LSD — The Trip To Where?

  • Special Added Attraction: Learn the True Facts about Marijuana along with Fiorello La Guardia, Billy Curtis and Mr. John Holmes in the 1971 Featurette The Sexual Secret of Marijuana

  • Gallery of Underground Sexploitation Movie-Magazine Covers with Audio Oddities

  • Over 3-1/2 Hours of Hipsters & Hallucinations!

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