Action Packed Movie Marathon Pt 2 DVD (Shout Factory) (NTSC Region


4 B-movie action classics in one set from Shout factory. Pt 2!

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Bulletproof (1988): A group of dangerous terrorists succeeds to get hold of a tank of the army and all its crew.

Trackdown (1976): A runaway girl from rural Montana heads for L.A. and ends up trapped within its darkest underbelly surrounded by crime*drugs*and sleazy people. Fortunately*her brother*a tough cowboy*comes to rescue her. But first he must find her.

Bamboo Gods and Iron Men (1974): While vacationing in China*an African-American boxer unknowingly becomes a pawn in the search for an ancient secret formula.

Scorchy (1976): A female Seattle undercover narc is out to bust a drug smuggling ring.

NTSC Region 1

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