A Thousand And One Nights (Osamu Tezuka) (Discotek) (Blu-Ray)


Osamu Tezuka’s feisty, freewheeling vision of the Arabian Nights.

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Osamu Tezukas A Thousand and One Nights is an anime film directed by Eiichi Yamamoto and Osamu Tezuka.

Osamu Tezuka’s feisty, freewheeling vision of the Arabian Nights.

From Aladdin, the The Forty Thieves, to Sinbad, and beyond.

The water-seller Aladin is poor, but happy and free; when he encounters the slave girl Miriam, he decides to share his freedom (and much more!) with her, stealing her away from her owner. But fortune doesn’t smile on this star-crossed couple, and before he knows it Aladin is framed for murder, his freedom gone. He loses everything in prison, and so when he’s released, he sets off on a world-spanning adventure, robbing the storied Forty Thieves, testing his mettle against an island of beautiful and savage women, encountering giants, genies, and just maybe, his long-lost child. Based on tales from the classic Arabian Nights, directed by the great Eiichi Yamamoto, and conceived by the legendary Osamu Tezuka, A Thousand and One Nights is a true anime classic, and the world’s first animated feature film crafted for adult sensibilities.

Special Features: Commentary with Helen McCarthy, Interview with Director Eiichi Yamamoto, Theatrical Trailers, and An Art Gallery.

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