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Diabolik DVD - FAQ 
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Phantasm Collection (Blu-Ray)

Diabolik DVD - FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

YOU CAN CONTACT US AT email at info (at) diabolikdvd.com


1. How do I know if I can play a DVD I'm interested in?

If you are in North America, your DVD player will most likely only play NTSC Region 1/Region 0 DVDs. You might, however, be surprised to find that some players not advertised as 'all-region' players (that is, players that will play discs from all over the world) can, infact, perform this task with a few simple alterations (usually done through one's remote control).

Multi-region players can now be had for as little as $40 and certainly no more than $100. There is no need to seek out companies who sell 'modded' (modified) players for prices over $100. This is a total waste of your money. You can find players that will easily go all-region at your local Best Buy or Radio Shack store or on-line through inexpensive, big-time electronics dealers.

Be sure you can play the discs you purchase from us before you order them!

      REGION 1: USA and Canada (NTSC)
      REGION 2: Europe (PAL), Japan (NTSC), South Africa, Middle East
      REGION 3: South-East Asia (primarily NTSC)
      REGION 4: Central and South America (NTSC), Australia (PAL), New Zealand (PAL)
      REGION 5: Former Soviet Union, India, Pakistan, Africa (primarily NTSC)
      REGION 6: China (primarily NTSC)

2. When can I expect my order to arrive?

We do our best to ship most orders ASAP but do keep in mind we are small company and sometimes we get backlogged so please be patient if your order doesn't ship right away. When a title is out of stock, there may be a slight delay but rarely more than a week. In most cases, we will drop you an e-mail to let you know if there's going to be a delay (please keep in mind though that we recieve discs from all over the world, so sometimes out of stock discs take a little while to come back in stock). As well, you will receive a shipment notification from UPS or USPS if you are in the U.S. when your package ships. Sometimes these e-mails are blocked by customer's spam protection, so if you don't receive one your ISP may have blocked our e-mails. Shipment notifications are not sent to customers outside the U.S. but like U.S. residents, your order will be dispatched ASAP because we know how hard it is to wait to get your stuff! (Oh, and we pack everything well so the discs will get to you safely). 


3. Do you take money orders?

Yes! All you need to do is figure out the postage rates from the order form on the website then mail a money order to us made out to 'Jesse Nelson' along with a letter clearly stating what you want, the postage and your mailing address and we'll get your order out to you as soon as we receive your letter. Mail the money order to:

Jesse Nelson
PO BOX 313
Mickleton NJ 08056



4. I live outside of North America and my discs haven't arrived yet. When should I expect them/what's taking so long?

Follow the lead of Ian MacKaye: 'I am a patient boy, I wait, I wait, I wait'. In the years since we've been in business, only a few packages have ever been lost in the mail. Still, delays sometime occur when it comes to shipping overseas. Don't fret! It's always fine to check in to see when exactly your package was shipped, but your best bet is to wait just a little longer. Once a package leaves our hands and is en route to you, there is nothing we can do to speed it along to you


5. I just got a disc and when I try to play it in my player it won't play. What's the scoop?

Make sure your player can play the disc you are trying to play and that you're not playing a region-coded disc in a player from another region or trying to play a PAL disc in an NTSC-only player (or vice versa). See #1 for more info.  If you truly have a defective disc, please refer to our store policies for return info.  


6. I got a disc from you and it wasn't shrinkwrapped. Is this disc used?

No! We don't sell used or bootleg DVDs and we are not watching your discs before we send them out to you. Rather, not every country in the world shrinkwraps their discs. As well, we sometimes have to open discs to make sure they've arrived to us undamaged so you get a pristine disc.


7. I see a disc on another site that I want but I know Diabolik DVD is the best and I'd rather give you guys my hard-earned money rather than either some huge corporation that doesn't care about me or one of your less-than-reputable competitors (you know who they are!). Can you get this disc for me?

If the DVD you want is a legitimate release (that is, not some crummy bootleg or bogus DVD-R release from a fake label), then we can almost definitely procure it. Ask us first and we'll see what we can do for you. Remember, we are fans and collectors. We not only want to bring you the best and rarest discs at the most reasonable prices, but we want these titles for ourselves and our other customers, too. Clue us in if you're aware of an interesting title that we don't carry. Often the disc is on the way to us and will turn up very shortly after it appears on another site, but in the instances that we are not aware of something that's out there, your detective work is much appreciated.


8. Why buy from you guys and not a big corporate store that might charge a buck or two less?

Because we care about you and and we are active members of the film community. We are a small business. While we may not have the buying power of a big chain or internet mega-store, we kill them for selection and service and we are people who bust our asses to do our best for you. When you support independent businesses you do yourself a service by keeping variety and selection thriving and keeping people like you employed!

9.  How do you ship?

We ship UPS Ground to most destinations and Priority Mail to PO boxes and some US destinations

All overseas orders are shipped Airmail

Charges are based on your location. The shopping cart will calculate the shipping amount passed on the destination. 

10. How do I contact you? 

The best way to reach us is by email at info (at) diabolikdvd.com (insert @ instead of at) .  We will return your email query promptly - usually within the same day. 

11.  Do you have a catalog?

We do not have a print catalog. Everything we have is listed on the site, but since our inventory changes frequently and our prices sometimes fluctuate due to conversion costs, it is impossible for us to print an accurate catalog

12.  How do I order by mail? 

Easy. Simply follow the directions laid out in the store policies page. You can even email us in advance and we will hold your discs until your payment arrives. Cash or Money Orders only though - No Checks.

13.  I having been trying to order using (insert browser here) and I cannot order - what is wrong?

When the site was developed it was developed specifically for Internet Explorer and has since been updated to work with firefox, safari and chome, however, in order for the site to work properly, you must have Java, Java Script and cookies enabled.  We find that the biggest problem is that cookies are not enabled. You can easily add us in your browser as trusted site, which should alleviate most problems.

If you continue to have problems, please email us at orders (at) diabolikdvd (dot) com, with your order and shipping address and we can send you an invoice. 

14.  Who designed the eye image?

Glad you asked!!!  Artskull designed it for us along with all of our print ads, postcards and a tattoo for one of the owners! He has also done work for numerous filmmakers, Weird NJ and Electric Frankenstein, among others.  Check him out on the web at Artskull.com. We have tiny heart bubbles in the air over our heads when we speak of him - you will too.





Diabolik DVD - FAQ