Reign in Darkness (PAL All Region)


Intent on curing HIV, a biologist creates a virus that turns people (including himself) into vampires!

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Molecular biologist Michael Dorn (Kel Dolen) is accidentally infected with a
new virus he is developing and his life takes a dramatic turn for the worst. The
virus, which he believes is a cure for HIV, harbours something far more sinister
– turning it’s victims into vampires. Now a threat to the very organisation for
which he worked, Michael is on the run, a tortured soul living off the streets
as he battles to come to terms with his violent new existence as a blood-lusting
predator. With malicious bounty hunter Lance (Chris Kerrison) and junkie vampire
Gage (David No) in pursuit, Michael, knowing the true heinous potential of the
virus, must decide the fate of the world…

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  • PAL All Region
  • Widescreen

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