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Lightning Bolt / Resurrection of Zachary Wheeler (Code Red) (Blu-Ray All Region)


Double feature Blu-Ray from Code Red with Lightning Bolt & Resurrection of Zachary Wheeler

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Lightning Bolt / Resurrection of Zachary Wheeler (Code Red) (Blu-Ray All Region)

Lightning Bolt (HD)
A secret agent goes after a madman who plots world domination from his incredible underwater city. He deflects moon rockets launched from Cape Kennedy by blasting them out of the sky with laser beams, starring Anthony Eisley (HAWAIIAN EYE) and directed by Antonio Margharetti (LAST HUNTER)

Resurrection of Zachary Wheeler (SD)

An inquisitive journalist (Leslie Nielsen, AIRPLANE, NAKED GUN, CITY ON FIRE) attempts to visit an injured politician (Bradford Dillman, PIRANHA, BUGS, RUNNING SCARED) in a remote New Mexico hospital, only to be told no record of any such patient exists. This obvious cover-up piques the reporter’s suspicions, and soon he has discovered the hospital is part of a sinister conspiracy in this sci-fi thriller. Also starring Angie Dickenson (POLICE WOMAN).

Two Features/  BD50


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