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Diabolik DVD - British FIlms 
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Jekyll & Hyde Portfolio / Clockwork Blue (Vinegar Syndrome) (DVD/Blu-Ray All Region Combo)
Six Swedes on Campus (Sechs Schwedinnen im Pensionat) (Blu-Ray All Region)
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42nd Street Pete's Dirty Movies (NTSC All Region)
Mondo Erotico (LE 66 Hardbox Blu-Ray All Region)
Henry Paris Collection: 5 Pack Collector's Box Set (NTSC All Region)
White Skin Black Thighs (LE 66 Hardbox Blu-Ray All Region)
Love and Death in the Garden of the Gods (PAL Region 2)
Fright Night (Blu-Ray All Region)
Shivers (Arrow UK DVD / Blu-Ray Combo Region 2/B)

Raw Force (Vinegar Syndrome) (DVD / Blu-Ray All Region Combo)
Nekromantik (Cult Epics Limited Edition) (Blu-Ray)
Planet of the Vampires (Scorpion Releasing) (Blu-Ray)
Hardware (Severin - Uncut Uncensored Version) (Blu-Ray All Region)
Werewolf Woman (Raro) (Blu-Ray)
Cemetery (Massacre Video) (4 Disc DVD/Blu-Ray/CD Combo)
Eurocrime DVD (NTSC Region 1)
Devil's Business (Mondo Macabro) (DVD / Blu-Ray Combo Pack All Region)
Beyond (LE Eibon Mediabook) (Import DVD / Blu-Ray Combo Region B)
Dracula Sucks DVD (Vinegar Syndrome) (NTSC All Region)

Diabolik DVD - British FIlms

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Berberian Sound Studio DVD (PAL Region 2)
1976: A timid sound engineer from rural Surrey arrives in Italy to work on a mysterious horror film, mixing blood-curdling screams with the grotesque sounds of hacked vegetables. But as the on-screen violence seeps into his consciousness reality and fantasy become blurred and the nightmare starts to awake
Price: $22.99
Quantity Available: 2

Berberian Sound Studio DVD (US Release) (NTSC Region 1)
Mild-mannered sound engineer Gilderoy (Toby Jones, The Hunger Games, Captain America) arrives in Rome to begin work on the soundtrack to a film called The Equestrian Vortex, a tale of witchcraft and murder set inside an all-girl riding academy. Before long he finds himself entranced by the film’s mysteriously terrifying allure, and the lines between reality and fantasy begin to blur.
Price: $19.99
Quantity Available: 1

Big Nothing DVD (Simon Pegg) (PAL Region 2)
Charlie Wood is an unemployed teacher who is forced to seek work at a call centre in order to provide for his family. Promptly fired, he joins forces with call centre employee Gus Dickinson in a blackmailing scheme. However, things don't go exactly according to plan Starring Simon Pegg from Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz
Price: $14.99
Quantity Available: 1

Billion Dollar Brain (Kino Cinema Classics) (Blu-Ray)
It's Harry Palmer's Wits Against The World's Deadliest Mind! Secret agent Harry Palmer (Michael Caine, Get Carter) is blackmailed into working for MI5 again on his wildest - and most dangerous - assignment yet
Price: $20.99
Quantity Available: 3

Bizarre (Erotic Tales from Mummy's Tomb / Secrets of Sex) (NTSC Region 1)
Journey into the mind of the undead, as a talking mummy guides us on grand tour of the timeless �battle of the sexes� between man and woman.
Price: $14.99
Quantity Available: 1

Black Death DVD (Christopher Smith) (PAL Region 2)
Christopher Smith directs this thriller/horror set during the first outbreak of bubonic plague in England in the Middle Ages
Price: $17.99
Quantity Available: 1

Black Rainbow (PAL Region 2)
Underrated thriller about a psychic whose life is turned upside down when she accurately foretells the circumstances of a series of violent deaths.
Price: $22.99
Quantity Available: 4

Black Torment DVD (Redemption) (NTSC All Region)
Returning to his country estate with his new bride, English nobleman Sir Richard Fordyce finds himself under suspicion from angry locals for the rape and brutal murder of a young girl. Despite Sir Richard’s professed innocence, a growing hysteria unfolds, as strange and even supernatural events begin to occur around him
Price: $14.99
Quantity Available: 1

Blood Beast Terror (Blu-Ray)
Peter Cushing (Star Wars) and Robert Flemyng (Battle of Britain) star in this classic horror film. A crazed etymologist is dabbling in gruesome experiments that are turning his beautiful daughter into a vampire-beast with an insatiable lust for blood!
Price: $14.99
Quantity Available: 1

Blood Beast Terror DVD (NTSC Region 1)
Peter Cushing (Star Wars) and Robert Flemyng (Battle of Britain) star in this classic horror film. A crazed etymologist is dabbling in gruesome experiments that are turning his beautiful daughter into a vampire-beast with an insatiable lust for blood!
Price: $11.99
Quantity Available: 1

Blood on Satan's Claw (Blu-Ray All Region)
Set in a remote village in 17th Century England, farm labourer Ralph Gower (Barry Andrews) accidentally stumbles across a devilish skull whilst ploughing a field. Ralph reports his findings to the Judge (Patrick Wymark) but when they return, the skull has vanished. Very soon the children of the village start acting strangely, led by Angel Blake (Linda Hayden) they form a murderous coven and when mysterious growths of hair (called the Devil`s Skin) start appearing on their bodies, all hell breaks loose
Price: $37.99
Quantity Available: 1

Bloodbath at the House of Death DVD (PAL Region 2)
The original "SCARY MOVIE" Scripted by Barry Cryer (The Two Ronnies; The Kenny Everett Television Show), BLOODBATH AT THE HOUSE OF DEATH is a killer mixture of gross-out horror, shameless Carry On-style comedy and more than a little bit of kitsch zaniness. Revelling in its merciless parodies of a lengthy checklist of horror and genre movies such as Alien, The Entity, Carrie, An American Werewolf In London, Jaws and The Shining.
Price: $26.99
Quantity Available: 1

Boy Eats Girl DVD (UK Release) (PAL Region 2)
When love-struck teenager Nathan (David Leon) finds himself incapable of approaching the object of his affection, Jessica (Samantha Mumba), his two best friends conspire to set up a date with her on his behalf. But following a series of mishaps and misunderstandings, the evening ends with Nathan alone, drowning his sorrows and becoming the unfortunate victim of a tragic, fatal accident. Unwilling to lose her son at such an early age, Nathan's mother Grace (Deirdre O'Kane) borrows an old voodoo book she has discovered in the local church where she works and uses it to perform a restorative ritual on Nathan, bringing him back to life
Price: $22.99
Quantity Available: 1

Brass Eye DVD (PAL Region 2)
All six episodes from Chris Morris` ground-breaking satirical documentary series including Animals, Drugs, Science, Sex, Crime, Decline. Plus the controversial 2001 special, Pedophilia
Price: $19.99
Quantity Available: 1

Brides of Dracula (Import DVD / Blu-Ray Combo All Region)
Classic horror starring Peter Cushing. A young teacher on her way to a position in Transylvania helps a young man escape the shackles his mother has put on him. In doing so she innocently unleashes the horrors of the undead once again on the populace, including those at her school for ladies. Luckily for some, Dr Van Helsing (Cushing) is already on his way.
Price: $39.99
Quantity Available: 1
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Diabolik DVD - British FIlms