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Short Night of Glass Dolls DVD (Camera Obscura) (PAL Region 2)
Short Night of Glass Dolls (Camera Obscura) (Blu-Ray Region B)
Jail DVD (Intervision) (NTSC Region 1)
Counselor at Crime DVD (Il Consigliori) (PAL Region 2)
Messiah of Evil (Code Red) (Blu-Ray)
Brood (Criterion) (Blu-Ray)
Return of Count Yorga (Scream Factory) (Blu-Ray)
HauntedWeen DVD (NTSC All Region)
Snake of June (Blu-Ray Region B)
American Ninja (Four Film Collection) (Blu-Ray All Region)

Mosquito (Synapse) (Blu-Ray All Region)
Short Night of Glass Dolls (Camera Obscura) (Blu-Ray Region B)
Devil's Wedding Night (Code Red) (Blu-Ray)
Thundercrack! (Synapse 2 Disc SE) (Blu-Ray All Region)
Eugenie...the Story of Her Journey Into Perversion (CD / DVD / Blu-Ray All Region Combo)
Nightmare Weekend (Exploitation.TV) (DVD / Blu-Ray All Region Combo)
Jess Franco's Marquis De Sade's Justine (CD / DVD / Blu-Ray All Region Combo)
Hammer Horror Collection V1 (Warner 4 Disc Set) (Blu-Ray)
Manos: The Hands of Fate (Synapse) (Blu-Ray All Region)
Frightmare (Exploitation.TV) (DVD / Blu-Ray All Region Combo)

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Japanese Wife Next Door Pt 2 DVD (Pink Eiga) (NTSC All Region)
Every choice you make can change the course of your life. This is the premise of THE JAPANESE WIFE NEXT DOOR series. Beginning exactly the same as Part One, a businessman's life is almost complete; all he needs is a wife. He meets two women... and this time he marries the rich one -- whose family just happens to be a bunch of sado-masochistic sociopaths!
Price: $18.99
Quantity Available: 1

Jess Franco's Marquis De Sade's Justine (CD / DVD / Blu-Ray All Region Combo)
JUSTINE is one of the most lavish and bizarre erotic shockers ever made by the notorious Jess Franco (SUCCUBUS), bursting with wanton nudity, sexual perversion, and an all-star cast that also includes Akim Tamiroff (TOUCH OF EVIL), Maria Rohm (EUGENIE) and Klaus Kinski (NOSFERATU) as the Marquis de Sade. Also known as JUSTINE AND JULIET and the heavily-cut DEADLY SANCTUARY, this infamous film is presented completely restored and uncensored in a gorgeous new 4K transfer from the original camera negative!
Price: $24.99
Quantity Available: Order Now, More Available Soon

Joe Sarno Trilogy - Girl Meets Girl Collection (NTSC Region 1)
For the first time on DVD comes three erotica cult classics written and directed by legendary sexploitation auteur Joseph Sarno - Vampire Ecstasy, Girl Meets Girl, Butterfiles
Price: $31.99
Quantity Available: 2

Joy and Joan DVD (NTSC Region 1)
JOY & JOAN It is rivaled only by the EMMANUELLE series for its daring sexuality and enduring popularity. And in this first – and best – sequel to the erotic smash JOY, French hardcore goddess turned respected actress Brigitte Lahaie (HENRY & JUNE) takes over the titular role of the international supermodel with a relentless passion for sexual pleasure
Price: $22.99
Quantity Available: 2

Joy DVD (NTSC Region 1)
JOY Her name was 'Joy Laurey', the pseudonym of the French-American supermodel whose 1981 autobiography became the most scandalous erotic memoir of the decade. Two years later, notorious director Sergio Bergonzelli (creator of the psycho-Freudian filth-fest IN THE FOLDS OF THE FLESH) brought Joy's scorching saga to the screen and launched an all-new series of sensual movie classics
Price: $22.99
Quantity Available: 1

Justine and Juliette DVD (NTSC All Region)
JUSTINE AND JULIETTE is a modern re-telling of the classic sex tale from the Marquis de Sade. Beautiful actresses Maria Forsa and Anne Bie Warburg play two sisters caught in a web of sex and sensual pleasures. Swedish cinematographer Mac Ahlberg (credited here as Bert Torn) directed this classic erotic film from the 1970's known not only for its beautifully photographed hard-core sex scenes, but also as an early film featuring US hardcore star, Harry Reems. Also stars Kate Mundt, Brigitte Maier, Lisbeth Olsen, Louise Frevert, Lone Gersel & Irene Lindholm.
Price: $20.99
Quantity Available: Order Now, More Available Soon

Justine De Sade DVD (Blue Underground) (NTSC All Region)
Adapted from the notorious novel by the Marquis De Sade, the story is that of a poor 18th century orphan girl who goes from one misfortune to the next - most involving her clothes coming off!!
Price: $20.99
Quantity Available: 1

Justine's Hot Nights DVD (PAL Region 2)
This erotic extravaganza features nuns, mermaids, confessions, virgins, stockings, an ape, Henry Kissinger (!) and copious amounts of sex some of it artistic, and some of it very real. So, if you want to enjoy some hot nights of your own, take Justine home today
Price: $21.99
Quantity Available: 1

Kiss Attack DVD (NTSC Region 1)
Kiss Attack is the first ever live action erotic film. Kiss Attack is a revolutionary sex fantasy that blends an exotic cast which includes April Flores, Sasha Gray, LA Cholita and more. Features comic illustrations, animation, martial arts and ground breaking music. Did you notice that it stars Sasha Grey - yeah, it does
Price: $20.99
Quantity Available: 1

Kreola (MYA) (NTSC All Region)
Kreola is a stunning woman happily married to her husband Andy, a successful photographer. Together they decide to fly to Santo Domingo due to a work assignment of Andy. The gorgeous island, hauntingly beautiful yet still savage and full of lusty temptations, proves to be lethal to Kreola's fidelity
Price: $18.99
Quantity Available: 2

Lady Chatterly's Lover (Blu-Ray)
D.H. Lawrence’s classic novel of eroticism is stunningly captured on screen by director Just Jaeckin (Emmanuelle, Histoire d’O) and features a sultry and electrifying performance by Sylvia Kristel (Emmanuelle, Private Lessons).
Price: $19.99
Quantity Available: 5

Lady Football DVD (MYA) (NTSC All Region)
Paulo Roberto, a Brazilian soccer superstar, plays in the Italian championship for the Naples team. But success cannot sweeten the fact that he's deeply homesick and longing to get home. Unfortunately there's more trouble ahead for him when an astonishing doppelganger of his shows up and tries to get in bed with his luscious fiancee. How can you make ends meet when sports, money and bedside intrigues all mix together in an outrageously comic romper stomper?
Price: $14.99
Quantity Available: Order Now, More Available Soon

Lady Libertine DVD (NTSC All Region)
Famed French TV game show hostess Sophie Favie - in one of her earliest and most revealing roles - stars in this boldly sexy epic about a cross-dressing teenage orphan named 'Frank' (Jennifer Inch of SCREWBALLS) who is adpted by a handsome nobleman (Christopher Pearson) with his own strange urges.
Price: $20.99
Quantity Available: 1

Laura's Toys DVD (Joseph Sarno) (NTSC Region 1)
Laura and her husband Walter, an archaeologist, are spending a working summer on a small island off the Swedish mainland. Walter is searching for traces of a prior civilization that inhabited the area, and he and his sultry assistant Anna are making little progress…that is until professor and student decide to dig a little deeper and discover one another – several times ove
Price: $15.99
Quantity Available: 1

Laure DVD (NTSC All Region)
Her tantalizing memoir shocked the world. Its infamous film adaptation changed X-rated cinema forever. Now for the first time, Emmanuelle Arsan – the real EMMANUELLE – brings her own lush vision of total sexual abandon to the screen as writer, director and co-star of this rarely seen erotic classic.
Price: $20.99
Quantity Available: Order Now, More Available Soon
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