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Vampire & Vampire's Coffin - 2 DVD Special Edition (Casa Negra) (NTSC Region 1)
Curtains DVD (NTSC Region 1)
Banana Motherfucker DVD (Plus Other Shorts) (NTSC All Region)
Curtains (Blu-Ray)
Herzog Collection (Shout Factory) (Blu-Ray)
Voyage of the Rock Aliens (Blu-Region All Region)
100 Tears DVD (NTSC Region 1)
Twin Peaks The Entire Mystery (Blu-Ray)
Complete Blind Dead Saga DVD (4 Disc Limited Edition) (NTSC Region 1)
Killer Reserved Nine Seats (Camera Obscura) (Blu-Ray Region B)

Nekromantik (Cult Epics Limited Edition) (Blu-Ray)
Cannibal Holocaust (Grindhouse Releasing 3 Disc Blu-Ray / CD All Region Combo)
Curtains (Blu-Ray)
Sorceress (Scorpion Releasing) (Blu-Ray)
Possession (MondoVision Limited Edition Blu-Ray/CD Combo)
Deadly Eyes (Scream Factory) (DVD / Blu-Ray Combo)
Killer Reserved Nine Seats (Camera Obscura) (Blu-Ray Region B)
Breakheart Pass (Kino Cinema Classics) (Blu-Ray)
Without Warning (Scream Factory) (DVD / Blu-Ray Combo)
Runaway Nightmare (Vinegar Syndrome) (DVD/Blu-Ray All Region Combo Limited Edition)

Sale and Clearance Items at DiabolikDVD.com

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Robogeisha DVD (PAL Region 2)
Two sisters, one a geisha, the other the attendant, get invited to perform at a dinner for the big bad guy, and end up being recruited into his army of highly-trained female killers masquerading as more geisha. Oh and there's a few cybernetic upgrades on the way as well
Price: $9.99
Quantity Available: 1

Santa Sangre - Japanese Release (NTSC Region 2)
Another wild outing from Alejandro Jodorowsky filled with crazy images and blood strewn ideas! After witnessing his father cut off his mother`s arms in a fit of rage, a young man spends several years in a mental hospital before he final escapes and "becomes" his mother`s missing arms
Price: $29.99
Quantity Available: 1

Santo - Infraterrestre (NTSC All Region1)
A criminal organization is terrorizing the city with a crime wave of kidnappings and there is no end in sight. Soon, it appears that it is aliens who are behind the crimes and only Santo can save the day!
Price: $9.99
Quantity Available: 5

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (PAL Region 2)
A key film of the British New Wave, Albert Finney stars as a working-class hero full of anti-establishment energy who spends his days at the factory and the nights at the local pub.
Price: $19.99
Quantity Available: 1

Shikoku DVD (NTSC Region 1)
Sayori possesses spiritual powers which enable her to converse with the dead but after she dies at the age of 16 she must be stopped from coming back!
Price: $12.99
Quantity Available: 3

Sightseers DVD (Ben Wheatley) (PAL Region 2)
Litterbugs, noisy teenagers and pre-booked caravan sites, not to mention Tina's meddling mother, soon conspire to shatter Chris's dreams and send him, and anyone who rubs him up the wrong way, over a very jagged edge in the latest from Ben Wheatley (Kill List)
Price: $4.99
Quantity Available: 2

Silver Hawk DVD (NTSC All Region)
Lulu (Michelle Yeoh) trained at the Shaolin Temple as a child. Now, as an adult, she uses her kung fu skills to fight crime as her alter-ego SILVERHAWK!
Price: $9.99
Quantity Available: 3

Smiles of a Summer Night (PAL All Region)
Bergman`s romantic comedy of manners that has a sharp satirical edge and was based, in part, on A Midsummer Night`s Dream.
Price: $24.99
Quantity Available: 3

Snot Rocket and Super Detective DVD (NTSC Region 1)
Loaded with slapstick galore, rock and roll, and a juvenile sense of humor, these shot-on-video shorts introduced a then-unknown Tak Sakaguchi (VERSUS, DEATH TRANCE) who, even at this early stage, was already exhibiting his star-power charisma and tongue-in-cheek approach that has since become his trademark. See where it all began for Tak and Yudai in this genre-busting, laugh-inducing collection
Price: $8.99
Quantity Available: 1

Spiritual Exercises DVD (10 Films By Olivier Smolders) (Cult Epics) (NTSC Region 1)
From the director of BLACK NIGHT (NUIT NOIRE) comes a collection of bizarre short films
Price: $19.99
Quantity Available: 1

Steve + Sky DVD (NTSC Region 1)
Remarkable acting, striking visuals and a pulsating soundtrack by Soulwax highlight Felix van Groeningen's hip, sexy film set against the backdrop of an Antwerp strip club
Price: $7.99
Quantity Available: 3

Suburban Nightmare (NTSC Region 1)
Charles and Deborah are not your typical next-door neighbors. Despite the appearance of a loving, All-American family, they are cannibalistic monsters who take great pleasure murdering neighbors in their basement
Price: $14.99
Quantity Available: Order Now, More Available Soon

Survival of the Dead DVD (George Romero) (PAL Region 2)
A group of rogue soldiers seek shelter from the zombie apocalypse on scenic Plum Island, only to become caught up in a bitter feud between two warring families in George Romero's follow up to Diary of the Dead
Price: $6.99
Quantity Available: Order Now, More Available Soon

Syngenor DVD (NTSC Region 1)
Norton Cyberdyne, a multinational corporation, produces high-tech military technology. Their latest super-weapon is the “SYNGENOR” (SYNthesized GENetic ORganism), a perfect “super-soldier” killing machine. Unfortunately, the prototype is loose and leaving a trail of bodies in a gruesome killing spree!
Price: $14.99
Quantity Available: 1

Thriller - 4 DVD Boxset (PAL Region 2)
4 DVD import boxset containing Series One of Brian Clemens` classic and influental 1970s horror TV anthology
Price: $34.99
Quantity Available: 1
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Sale and Clearance Items at DiabolikDVD.com