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Burning Man - Beyond the Black Rock DVD (NTSC Region 1)

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Burning Man - Beyond the Black Rock DVD (NTSC Region 1)

Each summer, a massive city rises in the barren Nevada desert like a phoenix from the ashes... then one week later is completely erased from the landscape in a blazing inferno. The temporary infrastructure of Black Rock City, with a population of more than 35,000, provides everything from emergency services, electricity and street signs to daily newspapers and radio broadcasts.

For seven days and nights it stands as a community free of commerce, bound by a social contract of tolerance and cooperation and dedicated to the transforming power of art and self-expression -- drawing both the free spirited and the mainstream. Then it disappears, without a trace.

"Burning Man: Beyond Black Rock" reveals the impressive scale of the event, from the art pieces that pepper the barren landscape to the incredible pyrotechnics of the event's climactic roasting... the burning of "The Man," a 40-foot effigy. What does it mean? "It's whatever you want it to be," said Gone Off Deep producer Michael S. Wilson. "Some people go burn their fathers, some people burn organized religion, some burn George Bush."

"Gone Off Deep captured the Burning Man organization and its community in a very captivating way, synthesizing where we came from, where we are, and where we are going," said Larry Harvey, founder, visionary and executive director of the Burning Man organization. "We are at an important crossroads, as the event is evolving into a movement and as we prepare to take the culture, principles, and particularly the interactive art of Burning Man out of the desert and into the communities of the world."

Granted unprecedented access to the inner workings of the Burning Man organization, the filmmakers spent 18 months with the founders, organizers, artists and participants

  • NTSC Region 1
  • Bonus short film Preacher With an Unknown God
  • Deleted scenes
  • Extended Interviews
  • Outtakes
Price: $15.99
Quantity Available: Order Now, More Available Soon
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