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Tango of Perversion DVD (Mondo Macabro) (NTSC Region 1)
Reason to Live, A Reason to Die (Kino Cinema Classics) (Blu-Ray)
Play Motel (Raro) (Blu-Ray)
Revengers (Kino Cinema Classics) (Blu-Ray)
War-Gods of the Deep (Kino Cinema Classics) (Blu-Ray)
Monster That Challenged the World (Kino Cinema Classics) (Blu-Ray)
Face to Face (Kino Cinema Classics) (Blu-Ray)
A Town Called Hell (Kino Cinema Classics) (Blu-Ray)
Zombie Holocaust (88 Films) (Blu-Ray Region B)
Wyrmwood (Scream Factory) (Blu-Ray)

Tango of Perversion DVD (Mondo Macabro) (NTSC Region 1)
Wife Killer DVD (Mondo Macabro) (NTSC Region 1)
Obsessed One (Code Red) (Blu-Ray)
Erotic Rites of Frankenstein (Jess Franco / Redemption) (Blu-Ray)
Cannibal Ferox (Grindhouse Releasing 3 Disc Blu-Ray / CD Combo)
Play Motel (Raro) (Blu-Ray)
Stray Cat Rock (Arrow US) (DVD / Blu-Ray Combo)
Lost Soul (3 Disc House of Pain Edition) (Blu-Ray / DVD / CD All Region)
Wyrmwood (Scream Factory) (Blu-Ray)
Nightmare Castle (Severin) (Blu-Ray)

Latest Arrivals at DiabolikDVD.com

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Obsessed One (Code Red) (Blu-Ray)
It’s a special night for Tyrone Pedro (Marc Panday, who also wrote the screenplay), as he is marrying a girl of his dreams on his wedding day. On the same day, a bunch of beatniks play a deadly game of Tarot cards, and the cards read MURDER, so they go out for a demented spree of murder & violent fun.
Price: $19.99
Quantity Available: 20

Miami Connection (Drafthouse Films) (Blu-Ray)
The year is 1987. Motorcycle ninjas tighten their grip on Florida's narcotics trade, viciously annihilating anyone who dares move in on their turf. Multi-national martial arts rock band Dragon Sound have had enough, and embark on a roundhouse wreck-wave of crime-crushing justice
Price: $19.99
Quantity Available: 8

Trailer War (Alamo Drafthouse) (Blu-Ray)
Unleashed from the vaults of the Alamo Drafthouse, a meticulous selection of the best, strangest and most amazing coming attraction trailers in the world! Most have never been available in any home format, and all are presented for the first time in high definition.
Price: $17.99
Quantity Available: 4

Remote Control (Blu-Ray All Region)
To commemorate its 25th anniversary, Jeff Lieberman's REMOTE CONTROL is now available for the first time ever in its original aspect ratio in limited edition, fully re-mastered
Price: $22.99
Quantity Available: 8

Police Connection DVD (Aka Mad Bomber) (Code Red) (NTSC All Region)
Written, produced, and directed by Bert I. Gordon (FOOD OF THE GODS, EMPIRE OF THE ANTS), this legendary exploitation film is finally presented with all its R-Rated violence and nudity intact for the first time on DVD. Code Red DVD spent painstaking hours and $$$ in restoration to present this movie in its rare, uncut theatrical version. The Mad Bomber is back, with a vengeance!
Price: $19.99
Quantity Available: 60

Death Machines DVD (Code Red) (NTSC All Region)
Michael Chong, Ron Marchini - Director: Paul Kyriazi Nothing and nobody can stop them! Three martial artists with are injected with the evil Dragon Lady's serum that turns them into zombie assassins to be sent out against her enemies.
Price: $15.99
Quantity Available: 15

This Is A Hijack DVD (Code Red) (NTSC All Region)
A man feels obligated to hijack the plane his boss is on after he has gambled himself into overwhelming debt. Adam Rourke (DIRTY MARY CRAZY LARRY), Neville Brand (POLICE CONNECTION), Don Pedro Colley (SUGAR HILL), Jay Robinson (DR. SHRINKER), and Dub Taylor stars!
Price: $19.99
Quantity Available: 7

Trip with Teacher / Jailbait Babysitter DVD (Code Red) (NTSC All Region)
Price: $16.99
Quantity Available: 22

Dark Night of the Scarecrow (Blu-Ray All Region)
When young Marylee Williams (Tonya Crowe) is found viciously mauled, all hell breaks loose in her small rural town in this grim and fondly remembered TV movie from the 70s
Price: $21.99
Quantity Available: 2

Deathrow Gameshow DVD (Code Red) (NTSC All Region)
Chuck Toedan's the host of a gameshow featuring death row convicts competeing in life-or-death contests in hopes of cheating the executioner or, at the very least, winning some nice prizes for their next of kin
Price: $17.99
Quantity Available: 26

My Old Man's Place DVD (Code Red) (NTSC All Region)
Vietnam vet Micheal Moriarty comes back to his father Arthur Kennedy taking along his war buddy William Devane and a soldier they just met Mitchell Ryan and conflict & tension occurs.
Price: $19.99
Quantity Available: 11

I, Madman (Scream Factory) (Blu-Ray)
After a spine-tingling paperback catches the imagination of bookstore clerk Virginia, she seeks out the author's second book, I, Madman. But once she opens the cover, its eerie tale of obsessive love comes to life, catapulting a disfigured, scalpel-wielding killer from the world of fiction onto the streets of Hollywood with one demented goal: to win Virginia's love, one murder at a time!
Price: $19.99
Quantity Available: 3

Season for Assassins (DVD/Blu-Ray Combo Region 2/B)
As a gang of youths terrorizes a city, the weary chief of police finds himself caught between the citizens who cry for blood and a catholic priest who believes the boys will respond to kindness.
Price: $34.99
Quantity Available: 22

Mighty Peking Man (DVD / Blu-Ray Combo Region 2/B)
HE MIGHTY PEKING MAN - A powerful earthquake awakens a giant, ape-like creature who descends from the mountains into the treacherous jungles of India. Later, an expedition of greedy showmen capture the fearsome beast, bringing him and the scantily clad blonde bombshell he protects back to civilization.
Price: $36.99
Quantity Available: 6

Avon Triple Feature - Savage Sadists & More DVD (Vinegar Syndrome) (NTSC All Region)
Avon Productions was the demented studio behind some of the roughest and most extreme films to come out of New York’s underground. Their in-house director, the notorious Phil Prince, crafted the craziest and most unsettling of their filmic output and here, for the first time on DVD, three of his early films are presented newly restored from rare 16mm vault materials.
Price: $13.99
Quantity Available: 1
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