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Trailer Trauma 2: Drive-In Monsterama (Garagehouse Pictures) (Blu-Ray All Region)
Hippocampus (LE Hardbox) (PAL Region 2)
Milk the Maid DVD (Pink Eiga) (NTSC All Region)
Video Pirates Philadelphia (Cinedelphia) DVD (NTSC All Region)
Scherzo Diabolico DVD (NTSC Region 1)
Psycho Complete Collection (DVD / Blu-Ray All Region)
Dillinger (Arrow US) (DVD / Blu-ray Combo All Region)
Garagehouse Pictures Double Pack (Blu-Ray All Region)
Beautiful Fucking Day (Limited Mediabook DVD/Blu-Ray All Region)
Reflecting Skin (Blu-Ray)

Trailer Trauma 2: Drive-In Monsterama (Garagehouse Pictures) (Blu-Ray All Region)
Dolemite (Vinegar Syndrome) (DVD / Blu-Ray All Region Combo)
Night of the Living Dead 1990 (Blu-Ray All Region)
Female Prisoner Scorpion Collection (Arrow US) (DVD / Blu-Ray Combo)
Zero Boys (Arrow US) (DVD / Blu-ray Combo All Region)
Road Games (Australian Blu-Ray) (Region B unconfirmed)
That's Sexploitation (Severin) (Blu-Ray)
Reflecting Skin (Blu-Ray)
Outlaw Gangster VIP Complete Collection (Arrow US) (DVD / Blu-ray Combo All Region)
The Stuff (Arrow US) (Blu-ray)

DiabolikDVD - Blu-Ray

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Blood Rage (Arrow US) (DVD / Blu-Ray Combo)
What do you get if you combine Thanksgiving, American TV star Louise Lasser (Mary Hartman), killer 80s synths and some of the most gruesome special effects in all of slasher history courtesy of Ed (Terminator 2) French. Why, it’s Blood Rage of course!
Price: $27.99
Quantity Available: 3

Blood Trilogy (HG Lewis) (Blu-Ray)
The films of the Godfather of Gore, HG Lewis make their Blu-Ray debut with a trio of his classic films together - BLOOD FEAST, TWO THOUSAND MANIACS and COLOR ME BLOOD RED!
Price: $13.99
Quantity Available: 1

Bloodstained Shadow (88 Films) (Blu-Ray Region B)
The canals of Venice might have been the basis for a red-coated killer in the classic DON’T LOOK NOW but that feels like a mere warm-up for the knife-play of BLOODSTAINED SHADOW, a certified giallo masterpiece!
Price: $19.99
Quantity Available: 3

Bloodsucking Freaks (Troma DVD / Blu-Ray All Region)
BLOODSUCKING FREAKS takes you to a bizarre Off-Broadway theatre of the macabre, operated by a deranged impresario. Inside, sadistic entertainments are staged for his audience's pleasure, including tortures, dismemberments, and other gruesome acts which appear to be faked. When people begin disappearing off the streets of Manhattan, the twisted truth begins to chillingly sink in: these horrifying bloodcurdling acts are not theatrical at all. They are real!
Price: $17.99
Quantity Available: 1

Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh (88 Films) (Blu-Ray All Region)
Originally entitled PICKING UP THE PIECES, and featuring special effects from the legendary Tom Savini (MANIAC/ DAY OF THE DEAD), this first class mix of gore and guffaws makes its worldwide BluRay debut from 88 Films.
Price: $19.99
Quantity Available: 4

Bloody Birthday (Severin) (Blu-Ray All Region)
Get ready for the rarely seen slasher classic from the ‘80s that may also be the most disturbing ‘killer kids’ movies in grindhouse history: Three babies are simultaneously born in the same hospital at the peak of a full solar eclipse. Ten years later, these adorable youngsters suddenly begin a kiddie killing spree of stranglings, shootings, stabbings, beatings and beyond.
Price: $17.99
Quantity Available: Order Now, More Available Soon

Bloody Knuckles (Artsploitation) (Blu-Ray)
Travis, an underground comic book artist with a penchant for obscene caricatures, upsets a Chinatown crime lord who responds by cutting off the young man’s hand. As a despondent, drunken Travis wallows in post-severed hand depression, his decomposing limb returns to life and is determined to exact revenge.
Price: $21.99
Quantity Available: 1

Bloody Mama (Kino Cinema Classics) (Blu-Ray)
"We're gonna play Simon Says, and this," Ma Barker says, pointing to her Tommy gun, "is Simon." Ma Barker (Shelley Winters) and her four sons (Don Stroud, Robert De Niro, Clint Kimbrough, Alex Nicol) leave the poverty of the Ozarks for a life of sadism, incest, murder, kidnapping and violence
Price: $19.99
Quantity Available: 1

Bloody Moon (Severin) (Blu-Ray All Region)
As the ‘body-count’ genre stabbed its way into audiences’ hearts in the early ‘80s, EuroTrash auteur Jess Franco (Sadomania, Mansion Of The Living Dead) was asked to create his own saga of slaughtered schoolgirls complete with gratuitous nudity, graphic violence, and gory set pieces.
Price: $17.99
Quantity Available: 2

Blow Out (DePalma Criterion) (Blu-Ray)
In the enthralling Blow Out, brilliantly crafted by Brian De Palma, John Travolta gives one of his greatest performances as Jack, a movie sound-effects man who believes he has accidentally recorded a political assassination.
Price: $29.99
Quantity Available: Order Now, More Available Soon

Blue Ice (Vinegar Syndrome) (DVD / Blu-Ray All Region Combo)
San Francisco private eye Ted Singer (Herschel Savage) has just been hired by a wealthy eccentric (Jamie Gillis) to find and procure an ancient and mysterious book which reportedly has the power to grant anyone who can open it the gift of eternal life and power.
Price: $18.99
Quantity Available: 2

Blue Rita (Goya Collection) (Blu-Ray All Region)
"Blue Rita", a celebrated stripper and night club owner, also works for several crime syndicates and secret service agencies on the side. In the attempt to secure some information for her bosses, she kidnaps several suspected agents and tortures them sexually in the attempt to find out what they know.
Price: $25.99
Quantity Available: Order Now, More Available Soon

Blutjunge Verfuhrerinnen (Ingrid Steeger Collection) (Blu-Ray All Region)
A report on enlightened young girls who seem to know what they want and indulge in their shameless desires. From producer Erwin C. Dietrich
Price: $21.99
Quantity Available: 2

Blutjunge Verfuhrerinnen V2 (Ingrid Steeger Collection) (Blu-Ray All Region)
More Ingrid Steeger naughtiness as she reports in on the dirty doings of her friends. From producer Erwin C. Dietrich
Price: $21.99
Quantity Available: 2

Blutjunge Verfuhrerinnen V3 (Ingrid Steeger Collection) (Blu-Ray All Region)
3rd installment of the Ingrid Steeger / Erwin C. Dietrich series with more tales of wanton girls!
Price: $22.99
Quantity Available: 5
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