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Bangkok Haunted (Panik House) (NTSC All Region)

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Bangkok Haunted (Panik House) (NTSC All Region)

Bangkok Haunted US

Three women converge in a Bangkok pub to share individual tales of the supernatural. Drinks flow, secrets are revealed and a trio of stories illuminates what looms on The Other Side.

Part One: Legend of the Drum
Youthful antiques dealer Jieb is intrigued when she mysteriously receives a decades-old drum. Soon afterward, Jieb is plagued by disturbing dreams and the haunting murmurs of a disembodied female voice. Convinced that the drum is the catalyst for these strange occurrences, Jieb sets out to discover the origin of the instrument - only to be confronted by horrific realizations about herself.

Part Two: Black Magic Woman
Tired of single life in the big city, Bangkok beauty Pan longs for the happiness of true romance. Her prayers seem answered when she partakes of an exotic elixir called "Black Magic Woman". After just a few small dabs, Pan has no trouble attracting the man of her dreams, but what starts as affection quickly spirals into obsession, and Pan learns the price of becoming truly irresistible.

Part Three: Revenge
Nop is a hard working police cadet unable to shake the untimely death of an attractive woman named Gunya. While his superiors rule her hanging a suicide, Nop is convinced otherwise and pursues his own investigation. To his surprise, he finds himself guided in his work by a spirit, but not even otherworldly intervention can prepare him for the shocking truth of Gunya's demise.

Pisuth Praesang-Iam

(Legend of the Drum and Black Magic Woman)
After graduating from Bangkok University in 1989, Pisuth Praesang-Iam composed numerous scripts for movies and television before directing his first film, When She Loved Her, in 1996. Bangkok Haunted is his second feature.

Oxide Pang-Sung
Based in Hong Kong, Oxide Pang-Sung has directed two Thai features, Who Is Running? (1997) and Bangkok Dangerous (2000), the latter of which won the FIPRESTIC Foreign Press Award at the Toronto International Film Festival. His 2002 thriller, The Eye, became an international phenomenon, spawning a sequel and prompting superstar Tom Cruise to obtain the rights for a Hollywood remake.

  • NTSC All Region
  • Anamorphic Widescreen
  • DTS and DD 5.1 Audio
  • English Subtitles
  • Trailer and Still Gallery
  • Behind-The-Scenes: The Making of Bangkok Haunted, a featurette with cast and crew interviews that runs over half an hour long, and explains many bizarre incidents that occurred on set during the production
  • Thai Cinema, An Essay by Art Black, which covers the recent film industry in Thailand and discusses many other worthwhile films to seek out
  • Cinema Pang: A Pang Brothers Biography by Art Black,
  • Production Notes
  • Still Galleries, including Production Stills and Promotional Art


Price: $14.99
Quantity Available: 4
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